Easter, a business between sweetness and nature

This year’s Easter celebrations take place in a new light. But there’s no way you shouldn’t taste chocolates. This time of year, which delights young and old, is a key time for chocolate artisans. Indeed, this is the second period when the French consume the most chocolate, after Christmas. According to the Chocolate Portal, in 2018, the sale of chocolate at Easter represents 4.4% of the sales of the year. This equates to 14,653 tonnes of chocolate consumed, compared to 33,636 tonnes for the Christmas holidays.

Easter holidays with quality chocolate

Chocolate consumption has changed significantly, especially since 2014. The French are buying less chocolate than before, with the biggest drop occurring between 2017 and 2018 (-12.1%). This is due to the change in the consumption of these products in the daily lives of consumers. They buy less chocolate, of course, but they eat it better. Chocolate artisans are acclaimed for the quality of their products, products that are available. They do not hesitate to play with chocolate, giving it original shapes.

This year, Antony PRUNET wants to make all chocolate lovers of the Arcachon Basin and elsewhere dream. Indeed, the Pastry Chef of The Hotel Ha(a)ïtza wants to honor the chocolate for the Easter holidays, but also the unique environment of the Pyla. Like the establishment, whose restaurant has just received its second Michelin star (the Skiff Club), Chef PRUNET wants to dream big. To do this, he creates unique chocolates, in the effigy of the emblems of the Arcachon Basin. This is a whole collection of signature desserts, which will be available all year round, as soon as the Hotel’s Family Pastry is reopened. A collection made of chocolate, the pieces of which perfectly represent the shape of pine cones. Indeed, in order for the illusion to be perfect, the Chef does not hesitate to heal every curve of his chocolate takes the texture of the product.

Chocolate, more than a moment of gluttony, a real fine product

Chocolate artisans offer their customers to consume chocolate in all forms. The chocolate bar remains a classic, which can be cooked to create cakes, creams or mousse. Chocolate confectionery or spreads are not left out, present in the cupboards of many households. If you find it cheaply in supermarkets, the taste between an industrial chocolate and a handcrafted creation has nothing to do with it. The quality is second to none, with a balance between the balance between cocoa and sugars. In addition, the products used by chocolatiers are more noble, pure.

Chef PRUNET proposes with his creations an escape around the world, with a tasty cocoa. For example, he uses dark chocolate from Vietnam, whose unique aroma gives an indescribable result. It also uses chocolates with original flavours, the taste of which stays in the mouth for a long time. Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, Biscuited Blonde Chocolate and White Chocolate are present in Easter pine cones. Small subtlety that makes the result even more greedy: once crunched, the pine cone delivers miniature models. Miniature pine cones stuffed Pralinés almonds and hazelnuts with nougatine, Gianduja Chocolate and Ganache dark chocolate. An invitation to gluttony, and to share, after the containment period we are going through. The opportunity to invite his family to share these gourmet eggs with varied flavors!

Chocolate artisans in Bordeaux for the Easter holidays

In Bordeaux, it is possible to taste delicious chocolates of a higher quality. Each craftsman has his own signature, his own creations. For example, the PRUNET Chef of Hotel Ha(a)ïtza has made his Easter eggs reproductions of pine cones. Realistic, and gourmet creations that are artistic achievements. The Georges Larnicol brand, located at the crossroads between the Course of Stewardship and the Place de la Comedy, also specializes in the artistic work of chocolate. Georges Larnicol, Best Worker of France, offers impressive chocolate sculptures in his shops. In the shape of a pump, animal or monument, they are good gift ideas for all chocolate lovers.

Hasnaâ Chocolats also offers premium chocolates. Qualified as Grands Crus, like the appellation of the wines of the region, their flavor is incomparable. Indeed, cocoa beans come from the first planting vintages, for a powerful and new flavor. The range of products on offer is wide, with even chocolate tasting workshops. Eating chocolate is no longer just a pleasure, it becomes an art.

To taste quality chocolates, you have to go to the establishments of the chocolate makers. This follows well the trend of consumption of French households. Although the purchase of chocolates in supermarkets is still important, the share of purchases of quality chocolate is increasing. The chocolate fairs allow you to discover the country’s artisans, like “Bordeaux fête la chocolat” held in February in the metropolis. An appointment where the discovery of new flavors is the center of attention!



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