Pandemic, towards an evolution of the desires of life of the active

The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the lifestyle of all French people. In their daily lives, their family or even professional lives, this crisis has left its mark. Indeed, these months mark a break, a profound change in the functioning of assets and households. Now is the time for introspection, questioning, and life-changing decision-making. How has the point of view of French employees evolved with regard to their situation during and after the crisis? How do these desires for change differ according to the profiles of each?

The pandemic, an accelerator of questioning

The confinement marked the beginning of an unprecedented period, with a totally modified rhythm of life. No longer going to the office every day to work, which has become a daily teleworking daily… For others, the obligation to work on site, but to apply a series of demanding and binding sanitary measures… Take into account the needs of his family, but without being able to have the same pace of life as before; and this for an indefinite period at the time.

These disrupted lifestyles cause many French people, especially the active, to reflect deeply. Because of the pandemic, 3 out of 5 French employees have changed all or part of their lifestyle. For most of them, this requires compromises. Choose between work, family life, or even health. This is mainly found in sectors heavily affected by the pandemic, such as health and medical. The pandemic has proven to be very challenging for frontline employees, who have temporarily given up their personal lives or health.

Thus, 37% of these change-hungry assets were engaged in activities during the pandemic that were considered essential… Compared to 24% who were able to perform their tasks remotely. Much less restrictive, but still challenging: 40% of young employees under the age of 24% admit to making compromises between work and their health. Work more, even remotely, even if it means exceeding your schedules and encroaching on your personal sphere… A limit too often crossed when the work environment and the place of life mix.

The effect is not just temporary or limited to a certain asset class. 60% of the working population in France has already made a change in their lifestyle… Or plans to do so soon. Teleworking allows new desires, new needs, to emerge, which show the evolution of employees in their work.

Employee telework home coffee
Teleworking has disrupted the pace of employees.

Becoming independent, moving… desires for freedom

The reflection of more mobility is also on the minds of many employees during the pandemic. The surge in the real estate market towards medium-sized cities, to the detriment of large cities, shows this; the French need to move away, to have more space, to reconnect with nature. Thus, teleworking, or at least an operation that integrates this mode of work, makes it possible to leave the urban environment for more calm … But also offers more space to compartmentalize work and family life… These important decisions are aimed above all at no longer compromising.

For companies, this decision to change on the part of their employees also forces them to take new directions. A challenge that affects many aspects of professional life and management. This includes talent management, a different approach to recruitment; but also more targeted training to adapt to new operations… But also the question of remuneration. From a human point of view, companies’ mission is to hire their employees, to ensure that they work in good conditions so that they remain in the job for a long time.

The desire for change is also reflected in the type of contract that employees are looking for. 29% of French workers focus their research on profiles rather focused on independent / freelance, to the detriment of a traditional position. Some sectors stand out particularly in terms of this profile, such as employees in IT and communication (52%). Among young people aged 18 to 34, this desire represents 37% of the population. Becoming self-employed allows you to better manage your schedule, and thus not to depend on fixed schedules. But, as flexible as the self-employed profile is, an employee contract allows you to have more stability. The ideal profile to change your lifestyle, by moving, for example.

The pandemic is changing the desires of employees, but is also changing working methods, and the perception of profiles and contracts. An important change, which suggests new prospects for French employment.


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