Business Opportunity: VENIDOM Kitchens, a franchise that doesn’t know the crisis

While the health crisis is putting a dam light on many companies, the VENIDOM Kitchens franchise network is enjoying remarkable revenue growth. It posted a 90% increase between 2019 and 2020, with revenues of 868,800 euros between January and September 2020 (1). This success is due to the company’s concept and should enable it to reach its target of one million euros in sales by the end of the year.

VENIDOM Kitchens, the franchise network that focuses on the mobile concept

Created in 2011, the success of CUISINEs VENIDOM is not very recent. Indeed, the company has shown a growth in sales since its inception. The development of the franchise network in recent years has allowed the brand to accelerate its openness to the different regions of France.

For Maxime Gérard, founder and CEO, the company’s success is already in its concept. And for good reason, Cuisines VENIDOM is the first network of home cooks with a shop truck. The brand offers a range of high-end kitchens, bathrooms and dressing rooms, but has chosen to detach itself from the traditional style of the store. Thus, franchisees have a shop truck, a real traveling showroom. They travel by appointment with clients and work from home to design development projects.

Already seduced by the mobile concept that prevented them from going to the store, consumers have appealed even more in this time of health crisis. At the same time, the concept is also blessed bread for franchisees, the loads of structures being significantly lower than on a store model. A strong argument to attract new professionals to join the network.

Comforted by the exponential development of the business, the brand is already planning new projects for 2021.

We plan to initiate partnerships with individual home builders to offer kitchens designed and laid by the network, and also plan to participate in the Franchise Expo Paris at the next edition in September 2021. An opportunity to exchange with project owners, human contact being essential for us!

Maxime Gérard, founder and CEO of VENIDOM Kitchens
Franchise Venidom Kitchens cooks in shop truck
Opting for the franchise to develop its entrepreneurial activity ensures the support and anteriority of a reference brand.

An ideal franchise network for starting a business or retraining

The franchise concept continues to attract new entrepreneurs every year. For example, in 2019, franchises in France accounted for 67.80 billion euros in sales. This is an increase of 9.3% over the previous year. At that time, there were 2049 franchise networks (up 2.2%) and a 4% increase in outlets (2). Figures in line with past years, which confirms the enthusiasm for this “turnkey” concept.

VENIDOM Kitchens currently has 6 franchisees. By the beginning of 2021, a dozen new professionals are already expected to join the network. It must be said that in times of crisis, the network offers even more benefits than many others. In particular, it lifts the brakes on relatively moderate initial investment; and especially fixed charges, which are significantly lower than most deductibles that require a space.

To reassure entrepreneurs who would like to join the network, CUISINEs VENIDOM has set up a real reception and training process. It is therefore open to both professional cooks and retraining professionals. Thus, to welcome new franchisees, the brand has developed a comprehensive training program over 6 to 7 weeks.

“It consists of a theoretical part of 5 weeks, at headquarters, addressing the fundamentals necessary for the profession of designer-seller: the market of equipped kitchen, housing, materials, appliances, measurements, computer-aided design, sales and business management. The last week is devoted to follow-up at the franchisee for the supervision of his start-up and an optional week of immersion with a professional poser can be carried out.”

The only prerequisites, therefore, is to have a real appetite for entrepreneurship and what this implies: autonomy and proactivity. And for good reason, a franchisee must be well aware that if the concept is delivered turnkey,communication, process, commercial agreements and notoriety provided by the brand, the development of his own business is his responsibility as for any business manager. Business development is therefore at the heart of the business.


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  2. Franchise Observatory, Key Franchise Figures in 2020
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