One Ocean For All, protecting the oceans, a major challenge for Nomads surfing alongside UNITEC

One Ocean For All, a movement that responds to current environmental concerns. This initiative was born under the impetus of the young Bordeaux company NOMADS SURFING. It is a fundraising campaign to finance projects that are part of the protection of marine ecosystems. Indeed, if the ocean fascinates and makes you dream, the latter is nevertheless in crisis. This crisis is linked to the action of men between intensive fishing and plastic pollution in particular. Thus, faced with this observation, companies decide to no longer witness this environmental tragedy. Accompanied by Unitec, NOMADS SURFING engages a little more in the fight and hopes to motivate other actors.

One Ocean For All, a fundraiser to protect the fragile marine ecosystem

One Ocean For All was born from an observation that we would have preferred never to see. Unfortunately, this is a reality to which we can no longer turn a blind eye. Indeed, the Ocean is going badly. It must be said that man has something to do with it. To date, if the ocean is in crisis, it is because man over-exploits it. 90% of the species destined for trade are overfished. On the other hand, the Ocean has gradually turned into an open-air garbage can. Every year, millions of tons of plastics end up in the waters of the ocean. In order to get a concrete idea, we must imagine that every minute it is one the equivalent of a truck that flows into the ocean.

All this makes the ecosystem fragile and the ocean is heading for its demise if the trend is not reversed. Indeed, the species are threatened. For example, all corals could be affected or even disappear by 2050. And yet the Ocean is essential to life on earth. It provides between 50 and 80% of the earth’s oxygen and feeds more than 3 billion people.

Therefore, action must be taken without further delay. NOMADS SURFING has chosen to engage with One Ocean For All. The objective is to raise awareness of the issues of ocean protection. This company specializes in equipping innovative products for eco-designed surfing and lifestyle. Thus, the protection of the Ocean is in its DNA both when it develops respectful products and when it launches large-scale initiatives.

Indeed, beyond offering eco-responsible products, NOMADS SURFING wants to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean with One Ocean For All. To set up this fundraising 3 major themes were decided: Educate, protect and clean up. The initiative brings together entities such as companies, communities, associations and foundations. Among the latter, the Water Family association, Reefscapers, or Project Rescues Ocean work to concretely illustrate the chosen themes.

To support the One Ocean For All project, each partner commits with a promise. Just register on the site. Until June 8, partner entities will give between 150 and 1200 € depending on their size. At the end of the day, all donations go to the associations that are fighting to save the Ocean. In addition, in the Bordeaux region, interest in the ocean is great, especially thanks to its proximity to the coast. Thus the movement is also supported by the Rescue Ocean Foundation, B-Corp France and FrenchTech Bordeaux. In parallel, to act for the Oceans there are also actions to be carried out directly on the ground.

One Ocean For All Ocean Cleanup Actions
The Ocean is fragile and it must be protected

Cleaning up Lacanau beaches for World Oceans Day

Indeed, if the fight to protect the Ocean is vast and complex, every action, even small, counts. In addition, on June 8, in parallel with One Ocean For All, a vast cleaning of the beaches is organized at the north beach of Lacanau. This cleaning operation deployed by NOMADS SURFING is in close collaboration with the association, Project Rescue Ocean. Obviously, the event is free and above all open to all. It will also be an opportunity to invite local partners involved in the movement. Even in times of health crisis, the ocean does not wait for help. Thus, the event taking place outdoors is “covid-friendly”.

And as it is by making that we learn, this day will be an opportunity to raise awareness and exchange on marine pollution. In parallel, animations are planned after the pick-up in order to educate the participants a little more. Registration is done on the facebook event page where you can find all the practical information. On the other hand, if the Atlantic coast has its defenders, the same applies to the rest of the territory. For example, the Clean My Calanques association intervenes with cleaning and awareness-raising operations on the Mediterranean coast. Indeed, despite the beauty of the landscapes, the Mediterranean also suffers violently the impact of men.

Finally, beyond its latest initiative, NOMAS SURFINGS donates 5% of its profits to 3 associations that work for the oceans. These are Project Rescue Ocean in France, Eco Knights in Malaysia and The Life Boat Project in the Philippines. On the other hand, the Bordeaux company is working on an eco-responsible charter to be circulated within French sliding schools. Nomads Surfing is committed on all fronts to carry out the protection of the Ocean.


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Clean My Calanques

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