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In 2022, the way offices are viewed is changing. This is the result of the health crisis that has changed work habits. Indeed, during the health crisis, the obligation to telework changed the perception of spaces. If the health crisis is still present, companies have had to rethink the return of work “on site”. This return gives rise to a reflection to promote the mental balance of employees as well as the cohesion of teams that have found themselves far away. The last two years have seen an acceleration of teleworking and hybrid work. Thus, offices must now think of themselves to offer positive, productive and collaborative spaces. A dimension of well-being hangs over the offices and color plays a key role.

The organization of spaces to create well-being in offices

Workspaces play an important role in the mood and well-being of employees. Indeed, according to an Opinion Way study for Microsoft, to be happy at work, it is necessary to evolve in a pleasant environment. To design this environment, the equipment used, the layout, the comfort, and the services offered are important elements. This makes it easier for individuals to live their daily lives and plays a role in their happiness. In addition, the use of colors within spaces can also have an impact on the mood of employees and their performance within offices.

For example, it is known that the color red causes stress or a sense of threat in individuals. Thus, using red in offices would not be very productive. Instead, soothing colours such as white or blue should be used. Indeed, white is a color that illuminates the place while evoking purity and peace. For its part, blue is known as an anti-stress color. It is gentle and soothing.

cabines acoustiques colorés
Framery’s colorful acoustic booths. Photographs: Framery

Framery, an actor who values the use of color in spaces

Thus, it should be noted that the choice of colors in offices is important. Framery is convinced of this. He is a pioneer in the acoustic cabin industry. This actor does not neglect the values specific to each color in the issues of well-being and comfort in workspaces. In addition, the Finnish brand has set up an acoustic office booth available in eight colors. Among the colors used, we find white, gray, black, navy blue, pink, dark blue and pale green. The choice of these colors is not trivial, it also reflects trends.

Thus, the year 2022 will be a year where the creation of spaces will be done by matching the colors to promote optimism and safety of employees.


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