Nouvelle-Aquitaine, an attractive region for employment

Is Nouvelle-Aquitaine still a region that attracts companies and employees? In view of the latest studies, it would seem that this is the case. For several years, the Bordeaux metropolis has been developing and attracting, both for its living environment and for its dynamism. Everything is done to ensure that companies find their place: new business districts, coworking spaces, incubators… Through all these actions, Nouvelle-Aquitaine pursues one objective: to be an actor in job creation, to develop further.

The French, attracted by Nouvelle-Aquitaine to work

With the pandemic, the French are more mobile, and decided to move to work in a better living environment. These last months have allowed them to refocus on their desires, and their needs. For some, the desire to change city, or even region is felt. For companies, leaving is also a way to position themselves in regions where the need is greater.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is one of those regions that are developing, and that seduce employees and companies. With the development of its infrastructure, its real estate market, it seduces. In France, not all regions have the same trend. Nouvelle-Aquitaine largely attracts workers from other regions, while other regions such as Brittany see little of their workers looking for work in another region.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is thus tied for third in terms of attractiveness for workers looking for a job. It is behind the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (13%), the Pays de la Loire region (10%), and alongside the Occitanie and Brittany regions (9%). This attractiveness is also a reflection of the offers that are created on site… But also the living environment proposed by the region.

Employment recruitment position
Employment in Nouvelle-Aquitaine is gaining momentum.

Mobility at the heart of desires

Job seekers are much more mobile than before. What’s the problem? The use of sustainable teleworking within companies that makes it possible to work remotely. This concept breaks down geographical barriers, avoiding significant displacement. For companies, it also makes it possible to find talent for your team, even if it is physically distant.

For the vast majority of workers, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is attractive for employment. Indeed, it is becoming more and more diversified in the sectors of activity, and promotes the development of new markets. With the dynamism of Bordeaux, its connection to the rest of the world, thanks to the train station, the airport, as well as its road and sea routes, employment is facilitated, especially internationally.

Faced with this demand, and population growth, the city must adapt accordingly. The real estate market, business districts must follow, be built, evolve. This ecosystem occupies an essential place in the development of the metropolis, and by extension the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Employment has been recovering intensively in recent months, and shows a significant recovery. Companies are recruiting and creating new positions, particularly in the digital sector, a sector that has largely emerged with the lockdown…


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