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Nike, a source of inspiration for success for entrepreneurs. Indeed, the brand with the comma whose slogan is “Just do it”, conveys optimistic values such as perseverance or effort for success. This horizontal comma, is today so significant all over the world. It evokes dynamism and refers to the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.

These elements only accentuate this desire to convey and encourage self-improvement in all circumstances. Values that can be found in the life of an entrepreneur. Thus, beyond supporting the sports community the brand could also convey an inspiring message for entrepreneurs especially in this time of crisis. Between sporting challenge and entrepreneurial challenge, there is only one step.

The importance of mental strength, from Nike athletes to business leaders

A few years ago DeMar DeRozan revealed the importance of mental strength in athletes. Victim of an assumed depression, he made it an asset to exceed his limits, while preserving his health.

An acceptance of his own vulnerability, which far from suffocating him, allowed him to overcome defeats. And to give him a certain mental advantage on the basketball court… Like business leaders, who are under severe pressure, mental balance is an aspect that should not be overlooked.

In sports, as in business, Nike values self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence finally.

We only have one life, so we must try to leave an indelible trace of our passage in this sport.

DeMar DeRozan
Four-time NBA All-Star and Chicago Bulls player

Entrepreneurs and athletes, taking inspiration from failure to better recover

In the same vein, the Nike brand has released a new campaign called “Play New”. This campaign breaks the codes of the brand, so to speak. It must be said that we were used to seeing the brand convey its messages with a great solemn side. She inspired with the utmost seriousness while tracing the journey of men and women who became icons of sport and also entrepreneurs of their lives thanks to their passion. With “Play New”, there is this novelty that brings even closer to the reality of everyday life.

Indeed, if everyone has dreams, sometimes there are obstacles. Whether in sport or entrepreneurship, these obstacles can be real obstacles. But Nike once again offers a vision that applies to each of the profiles. It offers an unfiltered image of perseverance and humility. It reminds us that it is normal to fall, or even to “crash” when you try. Even when you give your best, sometimes the results are not always up to par.

But always, learning to fall is learning to get up and this applies to both athletes and entrepreneurs. Because if both are different, they are fighting the same battle. Every day, they go above and beyond to achieve their goals.
Play New, NIKE Campaign

World of sport and the world of business, same values, same fight

The sports and corporate environments are much closer than one might think. Indeed, the corporate world compares in particular to competitive sports. There are many commonalities and values between the two. An entrepreneur just like an athlete has to excel. It sets ever more ambitious goals and develops strategies to achieve them.

In the Bordeaux region, many entrepreneurs are interested in the world of sport and especially in sliding sports such as Akewatu. Sport and business can often be linked or even complementary. Thus, in the respective paths of athletes and entrepreneurs, there are common values. Nike, shows that these values can apply beyond sport.

Passion is the first of them. Indeed, for athletes and entrepreneurs alike, a project involves investment and sacrifice to give the best of oneself and overcome obstacles. To do that, you have to have unwavering determination. However, in the life of an entrepreneur as in the sport, one may have to fall.

Thus, questioning and humility are two other common principles. You have to be able to accept mistakes and make strategic changes when necessary. We must transform every failure as a springboard to success. Finally, both environments are guided by discipline and perseverance. Indeed, for an athlete or an entrepreneur, it is essential to impose an iron discipline to achieve victory. Performance and results are the driving forces of both sectors.

Therefore, an athlete and an entrepreneur are two profiles driven by the same values, with strength, performance and determination, they brave obstacles to achieve their goals. An inspiring vision, which should not be forgotten especially during the period of crisis we are going through. And why not consider COVID-19 as a challenge to overcome. Like NIKE’s slogan for the 2010 World Cup,“Write the future”. For businesses, it’s time to think about tomorrow and take up the challenge.

nike values brand sports company
The Nike WHQ campus. Photograph: NIKE

NIKE, more than a brand, a philosophy of life

NIKE is a multi-sport brand, offering a wide range of products for sports such as football, tennis, golf or basketball. Today, it has become the undisputed world leader in basketball. However, before we got to that point, we had to gradually climb the development stages. Since 1971, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, both trackmen, have surpassed themselves in creating the empire in the comma.

But the success of the brand is also based on the values conveyed. The brand shares the values of strong brands, such as surpassing oneself, wrestling, perseverance. The interest of these essential values in the sport environment is that they can also be shared on a daily basis. Indeed, as mentioned above, they are also closely linked to the world of entrepreneurship or even more generally to everyday life. Thus, beyond being a brand, the NIKE brand fights to be meaningful.

Nike’s main challenge is therefore to embody its brand values to become a philosophy of life. To bring its values to life and inspire the community, it partners with high-level athletes with remarkable backgrounds. Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tiger Woods and many others have become the living figures of these values and the brand. The sign’s message is clear. With athletes inspiring success, the brand seems to remind that anything becomes possible when one invests with value and strength in his project.

The sports and corporate world are thus closely linked and supported by common values. The NIKE brand understands that its values can also be a source of inspiration beyond sport. Through her communication, she sends a message full of hope to develop human potential. Advocating, a philosophy of life focused on surpassing oneself,it becomes a real source of inspiration for entrepreneurs in this year of doubts and questioning.


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