The ENSEIRB site in Talence received a mobile showcase from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the NXP Smarter Tour. This event, organized in cooperation with the Aerospace Valley and Digital Aquitaine, aims to present the latest technological innovations in on-board systems and IOT, which are now very well known, and which will be essential products tomorrow. NXP is the leading European manufacturer of connected objects. Since then, he has continued to promote new high-tech trends, and has demonstrated 150 innovations on the go. Its focus has been on five areas of application: smart and secure grids, mobile security, medical and connected accessories, connected and secure vehicles, cities and their smart energy management, and finally all the issues around the home and smart building.
The Vinitiques are the appointment that proves that anything is possible for modernity. The meetings focus on debates, speeches and advice for wine professionals to help them improve the quality of their wine and performance through cutting-edge digital tools or technology. This meeting in the heart of a larger exhibition, Vinitech, is an opportunity to attract people from all over the world to discover the technology made in France in the winery. Large groups are present and delighted to lead workshops in the Bordeaux sector, which is home to more than 112,000 hectares of vineyards, which is huge. Bordeaux wines are world-renowned and appreciated, making them benchmarks in terms of quality.
To better understand the stakes of this emblematic and promising sector of activity in the New Aquitaine region, an afternoon brings together in Bordeaux all the players of this ecosystem, to discover the trades and vocations of future generations. Influential speakers who introduce the trades, but also discuss topical topics such as the place of humans in these sectors... Meetings between professionals to best weave the partnerships of tomorrow, and confirm the excellence of aeronautics and space in the New Aquitaine region. The meeting is for its second edition a success, which brings many people.
The Group recently invested 20 million euros in a new site located next to Dassault that specializes in the overhaul and support of Falcon aircraft, known and used worldwide. The Bordeaux aeronautics division is known for its excellence and that is why this investment was necessary, in the face of strong orders from this model of aircraft worldwide every year. The company Dassault, which enjoys a global reputation, intends to be able to meet everyone's expectations, and to welcome more and more Falcon aircraft in its hangars in the long term, by increasing its workforce. The DFS (Dassault Falcon Service, the name of this new branch) received its first aircraft in October and intends to deal with more high-end aircraft such as the Falcon X-8, the latest from the Dassault factory.
The AMOS school, by which means "Sport Business School" is a new kind of institution. Putting sport in the workings of the economy, teaching the methods and customs of high-level sport to amateur or passionate students who want to work in this field, is their bet. Founded ten years ago, AMOS is established in France as well as in our British neighbours. And this year, the school freshly arrived in Bordeaux has just graduated its very first Bachelor promotions "Métiers du Sport". In Bordeaux, AMOS is also the intervention of high-quality personalities, high-level sportsmen or business managers related to sport, such as the famous brand of sliding sports Oxbow, who come to offer their expertise to students. The school establishes numerous partnerships to promote the learning and integration of its students in the working life and in this field that is becoming more and more democratized day by day.
Built near Bordeaux Saint-Jean station and the Digital City in Bègles, the latest OPUS 33 building is very well located. With an area of 5500m2, it is intended to host companies, such as Mazars, which has set up its regional headquarters there. The project, valued at 11 million euros, is also eco-friendly: Built by a Basque architect, and financed by a Bordeaux businessman, this four-storey building has a lot of glass surface and large volumes with substantial ceiling heights in the rooms to promote the entry of natural light into the premises and thus limit the use of artificial light (and in the long run, reduce electricity consumption). This building is part of the continuity of other constructions aimed at shaping the "new Bordeaux" in its digital turn, wanted by Alain Juppé, current Mayor of the city.
Pioneers are women who have decided to help other women become entrepreneurs by creating an incubator. Located in Bordeaux, within the Darwin Right Bank eco-system, he is 5 years old. The goal is to be able to accompany, advise and help women who have a business project but do not know how to carry it out. Through 4 phases of accompaniment, from the idea of the project to coworking work, through the administrative stages and the development of the company's activity, The Pioneers want to act more broadly in the West of France with the creation of 4 branches (in Angoulême, Limoges, Pau and Périgueux) and need your help, with donations on their crowdfunding platform to collect 10,000. This will greatly help women through training sessions to create their structure and reverse the trend given statistics by rebalancing the gender mix at the head of companies of all sizes.
Since 2014, the city of Bordeaux has benefited from the French Tech Label, awarded to cities that have proven that their economic ecosystem is sustainable and dynamic. A hotbed of emergence for start-ups, the city has decided to organize several events to put them in the spotlight, but also to host events around topics of technological and digital news, such as virtual reality or animation. These fashionable areas are at the heart of the problems of the digital revolution are in the concept of new start-ups from all over the country. Today, the French Tech Label has been awarded to thirteen cities in France, which each year organize events and events around the company and new innovations, just like what the city of Bordeaux does.
To improve the intermodality and experience of users in public transport within Bordeaux and its metropolis, the company LISEA Carbone has decided to organize a competition open to companies of all sizes that aims to facilitate travel in the city, regardless of the means of transport used. Thus, companies with an innovative and sustainable project will be selected and will have financial support to develop a prototype of their project in order to materialize their ideas. The company that has proposed the best project will be offered the opportunity to test and implement it, on a city-wide scale. The trial will be carried out with 800,000 users who will themselves be the judges of this idea. With the support of a business incubator, a slightly larger budget, the company will be well supported to succeed in implementing its project, in a city that develops its infrastructure well.
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