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Do you want to develop your business in Bordeaux and expand your professional network?

Develop your business and your professional network in the Bordeaux region. Designed by and for entrepreneurs, BORDEAUX Business highlights the economic actors of today and tomorrow. Innovative business leaders, value creators, and also the new players who are setting up in the neo-Aquitaine territory. Communicating within BORDEAUX Business allows you to benefit from real visibility on the Bordeaux economic scene. In addition to deciphering the local economic dynamics, and media visibility for your corporate communication, BORDEAUX Business is at the service of the development of your professional network, whether you are a business leader or business clubs.

Giving meaning to business, to B to B, resolutely “Bordeaux to Bordeaux”.

Benefit from the media visibility of BORDEAUX Business with the media kit

Enjoy real visibility on the Bordeaux B to B scene. To reach your audience, your target prospects, media visibility is one of the most difficult elements to reach. With BORDEAUX Business, you are guaranteed to make your company visible within the Bordeaux economic ecosystem.

By communicating within BORDEAUX Business, you value your company to a qualified B to B audience. You thus benefit from a real visibility, on our website, with more than one million impressions per month, within our Newsletter of more than 50,000 qualified subscribers, inside our 120-page biannual magazine, or on our social networks, which total nearly 500,000 views per month.

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Publishing your press releases, advertising on the website and in the newsletter addressed to more than 50,000 subscribers, portrait of an entrepreneur, relay on our social networks, media coverage of your events, full page in the biannual magazine… Treat yourself to the visibility of a recognized regional business media and communicate as close as possible to your prospects. Enhance your brand image, increase the notoriety of your company, make your services and products known…

BORDEAUX Business puts its media, digital & print ecosystem at your service. To offer the most complete, impactful and relevant communication to your brand.

Better understand the Bordeaux economy with the magazine

Bordeaux Business Magazine presents itself as a summary of economic news at the service of entrepreneurs and decision-makers. Throughout its pages, BORDEAUX Business Magazine offers its readers quality, exclusive content. Current and reliable indicators to move in the right direction throughout his adventure. Benchmarks to develop your business also according to the state of the market. Economic unit, self-enterprise, mid-sized, professional networks… The content of BORDEAUX Business Magazine is aimed at all professionals.

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Bordeaux Business Magazine offers you 120 pages of glossy paper to understand the Bordeaux economy, its markets, its actors, its business opportunities. It thus adopts an editorial line resolutely turned towards highlighting the key decision-making factors for Business Leaders.

Discover the economic news of the region; freshly past and upcoming business events ; information from local companies in the form of summary briefs. Also expand your knowledge of the field with our market analyses on the main sectors of activity of our territory, with the Economic Focus. Get to the heart of the topics of the moment with the Grands Dossiers, which provide you with an illustrated light on the main economic issues related to the transformation of business models.

BORDEAUX Business also solicits many business experts. They intervene to offer our B to B audience practical and professional advice at the service of their Business. They shed light on the problems of business leaders. Professionals often working in the Bordeaux region, they express themselves on the subjects they master. They thus offer leaders and decision-makers a more practical reading of the questions. The advice of business experts then gives the keys to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to see their turnover increase. Commercial strategy, legal information, accounting, management and HR, Digital, insurance, business management, communication and marketing… All the useful tips for business management are in Business Factory.

Discover the digital version of BORDEAUX Business Magazine

Develop your business network with our Club partnerships

Associations and clubs of entrepreneurs, take advantage of BORDEAUX Business to increase your visibility and offer preferential media rates to your members. In business, nothing is more valuable than the network and recommendation of one’s peers. BORDEAUX Business therefore wishes to contribute to the work of business clubs, BNI and professional associations at the service of the local economy and the success of as many people as possible.

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Clubs and professional associations, join the Partnership Club de BORDEAUX Business! We give more echoes to your news, events and business meetings, and make your members benefit from preferential rates for their media coverage.

As close as possible to the field and entrepreneurs, business clubs allow managers and decision-makers to develop their professional network. This connection in a privileged setting makes it possible to do business as well as to increase the turnover of the members. But that’s not all. Because entrepreneurs’ clubs are also and above all meeting spaces, places of interaction between humans. They make it possible to break the isolation of the entrepreneur and to provide each other with moral support. A dimension of the network that has taken on its full meaning since the beginning of the health crisis. In short, business clubs and associations drain many fruitful relationships for member entrepreneurs.

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Septembre, 2022

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