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Neo-agency Hosman, a new vision of real estate in Bordeaux

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The neo-agency Hosman, imposes itself in Bordeaux in order to revolutionize the real estatesector. Indeed, Hosman is not a traditional real estate agency. Itis an agency that combines the tools of digital and the skills of real estate agents to set up real estate transactions. After a successful launch in three major cities of the territory which are, Paris, Nantes and Bordeaux, the neo-agency is giving a little more impetus to its development.

It intends to develop its workforce in order to establish its strategy in these strategic locations. Indeed, it wants to recruit between 10 and 15 people to complete its already substantial staff. It must be said that after only three years, the agency has hired no less than 55 people. A rapid development that shows the success of the solution and that does not seem to stop anytime soon. In Bordeaux the real estate market is complex. Thus, the teams of the Hosman agency are expanding to meet the needs of the real estate market. At the same time, this responds to the agency’s development strategy.

The real estate market and the trend of neo-real estate agencies

The neo-real estate agency Hosman, was born in November 2017 following an observation of its creators. Indeed, for Stanislas de Dinechin, Paul-Henri Chopin and Benjamin Bavuz, the real estate market is experiencing problems especially at the heart of real estate agencies. For the latter, the services offered by real estate agencies are often far too expensive and poorly perceived. On the other hand, if the perception of agencies is undermined, selling between individuals is not necessarily a reliable alternative. It is complex, and often not very effective. Thus, the idea of the start-up Hosman is to revolutionize the classic model of real estate agencies. With audacity, the three founders therefore decided to disrupt one of the French markets still far too traditional. The neo-real estate agency was born. More concretely, under this term hides a concept of agency that wants to break codes thanks to digital tools.

Founders Hosman neo-real estate agency
Stanislas de Dinechin, Paul-Henri Chopin and Benjamin Bavuz, the three founders of Hosman. Photography: Hosman

Therefore, a neo-real estate agency is an agency that does not have physical premises. It is an agency that relies on digital tools to offer its services. But beware, if the neo-agencies do not have premises, there is no question of neglecting the relationship and the customer experience, quite the contrary. The objective of digitalization is to offer the best service to customers. Moreover, a few years ago, the possibility of a digital real estate agency was a bit far-fetched. Today with the health crisis, it seems quite consistent.

Neo-agency client relationship Hosman
The concept of neo-agency certainly does not put aside the customer experience. Photography: Hosman

It must be said that the new agencies were able to take advantage of events thanks to their greater flexibility when the traditional agencies had to rethink their model in order to continue to operate. On the other hand, one of the advantages of neo-real estate agencies like Hosman is to offer a competitive rate to customers. In cities like Bordeaux, this is a fact that makes it possible to capture more market share. Indeed, according to the estimates of the Best Agents on July 1, 2021 the average price per square meter for a house is 5347 €. Overall, the price of real estate in the city has increased by 54.9% in 10 years. Thus, in Bordeaux the neo-agency Hosman brings new solutions simpler, cheaper and just as effective.

The neo-agency Hosman, develops its concept and its teams in the Bordeaux metropolis

In a context where real estate prices are constantly changing, Hosman offers fixed-price solutions. It changes the traditional methods of real estate agencies in order to create a new way of selling. Thus, with Hosman, it is possible to sell a property for a fixed price of 4900 €. This price is payable upon success. The solution that combines the expertise of hosman’s teams and digital tools shows its effectiveness with no less than 3,000 properties entrusted to sale. Today it has conquered more than 2% of the Parisian market and every month no less than 300 customers entrust their property to sale. The start-up intends to continue this momentum and wants to triple its workforce. Thus, it has set up a fundraising of 6 million euros to achieve its goals.

Real estate sale neo-agency Hosman
The neo-agency Hosman has managed to become a leader in the market of neo-real estate agencies. Photography: Hosman

In Bordeaux the objective was to recruit about fifteen employees to support growth. She then offered mainly positions of real estate experts who could be consulted from the “Welcome to the Jungle” platform. The latter will come to accompany Bordeaux customers in the sale of their property while revolutionizing real estate.

Thus, if the neo-agency Hosman has been able to build a solid model, the COVID-19 crisis has also contributed to the acceleration and acceptance of the concept of a digital real estate agency. Indeed, the context has contributed to the democratization of online real estate sales and has made it possible to break down the brakes of customers. According to a study by Opinion Way, 32% of French people now think that a real estate transaction is possible via the Internet and without physical contact. An opportunity to somehow restore the image of the real estate agent by reinventing himself.


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