Do you need a logo for your business?

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Symbol of the brand, the logo is the main lever of the image of a firm. Beyond representing your company the logo also has other purposes. This visual allows you to communicate your ideals and especially the purpose of your establishment. Your logo should mark consumers at first glance and stay in their minds for a long time. Find here the advantages of the logo for your company.

Reveal your identity and share your vision

The logo makes it possible to differentiate your company and give it an identity. This graphic element allows the firm to share its ethical values and vision. It is visible on all the products that the company offers, on all its marketing materials and of course on its website. In fact, your logo is the first thing that comes to consumers’ minds when they think of your brand.

You must therefore do your best to ensure that it gives a good impression of your firm, the quality of your services and that it visually expresses the purpose of your establishment. When a user logs on to a platform designed by one of the most famous and free website builders, they should notice your logo. The latter must seduce at first sight. For this you must bet on the simplicity, originality and aesthetics of your graphic. The biggest brands like Apple, Amazon or Nike have done it. The result is still effective despite the passing years.

How to recognize a good logo?

To know if the logo of your choice is the right one, it must perfectly represent your company, its objectives as well as its intrinsic values. This is the reason why it is generally recommended to call on a professional, including a communication agency to create your emblem.

After exchanging with you to know your ideas, she will carry out an audit to familiarize herself with your brand and the products and services offered. In addition, its active presence in the field allows it to be on the lookout for new trends. Following its analysis, it will offer you a well-stocked catalog with guidelines to guide you. With its many years of experience, the agency is also qualified to give you sound advice. In addition, there are seven types of logos that you can choose according to your vision and the advice of a communication expert. These are:

  • the wordmark or logotype such as the Coca-Cola graphic;
  • the monogram which represents the acronym of the firm as the emblem of CNN;
  • the symbol or pictogram that is an image like the Twitter bird;
  • the emblem such as the Starbucks coffee logo;
  • the mascot as the KFC graphic;
  • the combination which, as its name suggests, combines several elements;
  • and abstract logos.

The latter are quite similar to pictograms. But instead of using an image that is easy to recognize as the case of the apple for Apple, the brand chooses an abstract symbol. Thus, the firm can represent all of its products and services without weighing the cultural impacts related to a specific visual. For example, Nike’s comma represents both movement and freedom.

Logo design company image
The logo is a reflection of the company

Which logo to choose?

The type of logo to adopt depends on your field of activity and the purpose of your company. For example, it is best to opt for a monogram when the name of your establishment is long enough. Thus, you will be able to get an original and above all simple logo that your customers will have an easier time remembering. On the other hand, the logotype fits for a firm that has just launched on the market and has a distinctive and catchy name that will mark the minds of consumers.

In addition, for one or the other of these two types of logos, it is important to bet on an original and aesthetic typography for a rendering with a lot of effects. In addition, graphic logos are more recommended for already established companies, although there are exceptions. The pictogram can be very effective in representing your brand, especially when its name is too long. With an abstract logo, you can be sure to create a unique image to symbolize your brand to consumers.

However, for an effective rendering, it is advisable to call on an expert who masters the colors, the shapes as well as their arrangement. In addition, the mascot is recommended when your products are intended for children or family. This type of emblem promotes interactions between customers and the company.

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