“My Small Business Doesn’t Know the Crisis”

In 2020, the COVID-19 health crisis has greatly slowed down business creation. Indeed, starting your own business is a challenge. The health context has had an impact on the country’s economy leaving indicators that can be encouraging for entrepreneurs. Thus, if the creation of a company was already a headache, today the path is even more difficult for entrepreneurs.

However, it should also be noted that in the face of this unprecedented context, the State has put in place various measures to help companies. Among these measures, there are financial aid with the solidarity fund, the exceptional loan, the rebound loan, the Atout loan, or the PGE. There are also social and fiscal measures, particularly with the introduction of short-time work. Finally, other measures are also being put in place, particularly within the regions or with aid for digitalisation.

Creating a business is a real adventure. From idea to realization, the steps are long and often tedious for an entrepreneur who launches. An INSEE study at the end of January 2019 shows that 691,000 companies have emerged on French soil. This reflects an increase in number (+17%) compared to the previous year. Micro-Enterprises are also experiencing an interesting growth rate. Indeed, this rate is +28%. It demonstrates the general interest in creating its own structure.

You are not born an entrepreneur, you become one with Ma Petite Entreprise

Run your own business. This is a dream within the reach of many people in France and around the world. In this adventure, they want to develop their idea and expertise at the heart of their field of activity. Becoming an entrepreneur is not just about focusing on your project to make it known; you have to take into account the whole ecosystem that revolves around the company.

Indeed, there are many administrative procedures to register your company as such. The creation of a company is also personal investments. Especially to install its headquarters and develop. Investments are also part of accounting operations. In this sense, the entrepreneur must become a real Swiss Army knife. This is one of the primary qualities to carry out all these daily actions. In a way, entrepreneurship may at first sight be associated with a puzzle. Indeed it is an approach that requires treasures of energy and a learning of technical notions. If before embarking we could believe that entrepreneurship is a long quiet river and well it is a wrong vision. Indeed, the career of an entrepreneur is far from the comfort zone that can be imagined.

In order not to be overwhelmed and succeed in focusing on the heart of their business, some entrepreneurs use support companies. The company Petite Entreprise,is one of those actors that help entrepreneurs. It will give them the keys to better distribute their time and relieve themselves of complex tasks. These companies, networks or workshops, make it possible to extend a solid hand to entrepreneurs. It will be said that the latter are often alone in their choices. In particular, they need help to get on the right track.

my small business choice entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs need to be supported in their choices.

Being accompanied to better develop

Thus, with the support of specialized networks, entrepreneurs are no longer alone. These companies accompany them when they are confronted with all the “painful” responsibilities of everyday life. The emphasis is at all times on the support and availability of experts. Within this established framework, entrepreneurs are no longer alone in their own decisions. They can move forward serenely in their entrepreneurial adventure.

Such follow-ups give them the keys to better manage their staff, their expenses, their growth, and thus follow the market so that their project materializes and achieves the objectives set. Entrepreneurs need to be guided, listened to and know that they are not alone, because it is nothing more or less than a leap into the unknown. Thus, being part of a network or a Business Club allows you to share your questions or find the relationships to surround yourself and really focus on your project. Ultimately, it’s a real energy saving and a time saver that should not be overlooked for an entrepreneur. These may eventually allow him tohire an additional employee.

Regardless of the sector of activity chosen by the entrepreneur, the path is the same. The latter will always face the same steps to be taken, and the same questions. In order not to be overwhelmed by events, it is therefore more than necessary to be surrounded by professionals who know all aspects of small businesses and who truly relieve the leader in his development.

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