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Movember, a care given to the fight against men’s cancer

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Movember is like Pink October,a fight committed to the fight against cancer. But if Pink October is mainly intended for women, with the fight against breast cancer… Movember helps men who suffer from prostate cancer throughout the month of November. This month of solidarity and mutual aid makes it possible to develop initiatives in terms of health solutions to promote the reception and care of these people. Prostate cancer is one of those long, physically and psychologically taxing battles.

Movember, supporting men in their journey

Just like women who suffer from breast cancer,men with prostate cancer are faced with a long illness. An obstacle course, against the disease, in a difficult and particularly trying period of life. Movember therefore intervenes to support these men, throughout their journey.

Also, in this situation, patients often feel helpless. They find it difficult to express their fears, their doubts, their questions. Prostate cancer is the first male cancer, and affects 25% of men’s cancers. Each year, 50,400 new cases are detected in France, according to 2018 data.

If detected early, cancer can be defeated in the majority of cases. But for the sick, the journey is not the simplest. Also, the actors of the health sector, who understand the problems and questions of patients facing their pathology, develop solutions adapted to the needs of each.

Cancer men prostate
Prostate cancer is the first male cancer.

A need to accompany, to lift the taboo

Smartphone apps help patients with this type of cancer to follow their entire health journey. This allows them to know where they are, but also to quickly get most of the answers to their questions. Allowing these people to have all the elements necessary for their state of health and their remission is essential.

In a medical environment that is becoming increasingly connected and accessible, the arrival of such applications is changing the care pathway. It facilitates the understanding and transmission of information, and allows all those concerned to follow the evolution of the patient in his recovery.

This system, already in place in some health facilities, such as Marseille, makes it possible to follow all patients affected by this cancer. 506 patients are thus followed during, but also after their fight, and this for 3 years already. This is the fight led by Exolis, to promote the follow-up of patients as a whole. An everyday struggle, led head-on by men and their families. A fight supported by Exolis, but also the Movember event, despite the disease affecting men throughout the year.

The highlighting of this disease, and the proposal of solutions help to move forward, and to better take care of patients from a psychological point of view.


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