Mobile phone marketing

Mobile marketing, a nomadic communication

Mobile marketing allows a brand or business to communicate with its target or existing customer base. This strategy makes it possible to develop its clientele, but also to build loyalty. At a time when mobile and digital in general occupy a central place in the lives of users… Brands have every interest in getting into communication and mobile marketing. How do I create an effective mobile marketing strategy?

Mobile marketing, a proven strategy

Many companies adopt a communication strategy with their customers. A business, for example, can notify its existing customers of new products arrived, or current promotions. This also makes it possible to expand your customer file with new contact details of customers interested in the brand. However, to be effective, a marketing strategy must be carefully prepared. Communicating by SMS rather than by email allows you to create a real relationship of loyalty with your customers. Indeed, with the rise of newsletter-type emails, a promotion or an important message is quickly drowned under the x other brands that do the same.

Mobile marketing has the advantage of not being “one message among the others”. Companies even offer you to take care of your shipments according to your objectives. For example, you can see what HexaSMS offers, a platform for creating and managing SMS campaigns. In all sectors of activity, an SMS campaign makes it possible to warn its customers. In the context of a weather hazard, for example, an insurer warns its customers of the imminence of a violent storm, or a heavy snowfall… All through geolocation.

Female smartphone use
Mobile users use their phones on average 150 times a day.

The smartphone, a device that is ahead of the computer on a daily basis

Smartphones,unlike computers, are permanently geolocated, which allows companies to carry out targeted mobile marketing campaigns. In the case of insurance, for example, but also when a business wants to attract customers to its premises. A person who is in the sector targeted by the brand will then receive an SMS or an alert indicating that this business is carrying out a particular operation.

Since September 2015, the use of the mobile to make a request on the internet is more important than the use of the computer. Indeed, the smartphone allows you to be connected to the world permanently,no matter where you are. On average, a person consults his smartphone 150 timesa day, much more than his computer. This mobility increases ultra connectivity,and encourages brands to favor mobile marketing, to follow new uses.

Thus, several methods allow you to reach your target through mobile marketing, in addition to SMS campaigns. First of all, as for computers, it is possible to see advertisements on websites from your smartphone. Adopt a readable advertisement on mobile, with Google Adwords, display or retargeting. You can also run your ad on mobile apps, intimately linked to today’s smartphones.

Mobile marketing operations are essential to make you known and to retain your customers differently… With a strategy also adapted to this device that follows users everywhere on a daily basis.


7 strategies to use mobile marketing to your advantage, article Coder of 2019 published by Céline ALBARRACIN

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