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Online galleries are multiplying. The art market is gradually conquering its new field of expertise: digital technology. The digital art gallery was the guest of the International Contemporary Art Fair. It was held at the Grand Palais in Paris from 17 to 20 October 2019. Among nearly 200 galleries invited, Kazoart exhibited its concept of desacralizing art through its digital accessibility.

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The works are discovered from the look as in digital

The start-up Kazoart, The first online art gallery in France

Each house deserves its decoration and its artistic touch. However, art is not accessible to everyone. Indeed, buying works can sometimes seem intimidating. However, not everyone necessarily goes to exhibitions, fairs or workshops. The process of buying a work can be slowed down by a lack of knowledge in the field.

Kazoart allows you to buy works online among more than 25,000 original pieces. They are created by nearly a thousand talents meticulously selected by the platform.

Indeed, Kazoart is also an artist’s finder. Thus, each month, among hundreds of applications received, the team retains only a handful. These “artist scouts” meticulously recruit talents according to their assertive artistic style, their extensive production and the number of exhibitions.

A springboard to live from your passion

Kazoart has already been a real springboard for the young engraver Antonin Anzil who had the opportunity to make himself known at the Art Paris Art Fair in 2015, during the start-up’s debut. Since his discovery by the general public, Antonin has tripled his visibility, and now lives fully on his passion.

Art lovers or true enthusiasts, Kazoart has a wide range of artistic creations to propose: painting, drawings, watercolours, photography, sculpture… and all genres: geometric, abstract, street art, conceptual… Just go to the Kazoart site to make your choice. Payment takes place directly online and it is possible to return your work for free within 30 days.

In addition, in addition to giving a chance to artists who are still unknown, Kazoart also makes it possible to put its buyers in confidence and to conquer new customers thanks to the alliance of art and digital.

Thus, now leader in France in the niche of direct sales between artists and art lovers, the gallery aims to develop internationally and become the European leader in 2022.

Bordeaux, birthplace of Kazoart

Mathilde LeRoy graduated from ESSEC and decided to start her own start-up. Between the elite of the field, the talented artists who struggle to make themselves known and the amateurs, there is an offer and a demand that do not meet.

Launched in 2015 in Paris, helped by the Paris Pioneers incubator (now Willa), Kazoart quickly relocated to Bordeaux. The start-up highlighted by the Bordeaux accelerator Héméra is starting to reinvent the market through digital. Supported by many financial partners (Expanso Capital of the Caisse d’Epargne Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes, Arts & Business Angels…), Kazoart conquered the Bordeaux entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The digital art market in Bordeaux was largely launched by the arrival of Kazoart. It is no coincidence that the young online art gallery has decided to establish itself in the capital of Gironde. Indeed, Bordeaux has always been renowned for its wish for conservation and transmission to its inhabitants. Among the various cultural and artistic places that abound in Bordeaux, the unmissable Galerie des Beaux-Arts, the CAPC of Bordeaux, the National Academy of Sciences Belles-Lettres et Arts of Bordeaux and its village of antique dealers in the Chartrons district.

Bordeaux, from conservation to the promotion of culture

The National Academy of Sciences, Belles-Lettres and Arts de Bordeaux contain unsuspected artistic and cultural treasures. Find historical monuments such as engravings or paintings of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Bordeaux is home to the village of antique dealers, which sees tens of thousands of visitors pass through each year. Located in Les Chartrons, rue Notre-Dame has become the first antique gallery in Aquitaine. A reference now that attracts many foreign visitors. The village of antique dealers includes no less than 35 shops: paintings, carpets, silverware, jewelry, contemporary and design objects of the twentieth century.

The city of Bordeaux is now gradually becoming the epicenter of a new market. In addition, digital technology is giving the art market the second wind it needed. Talent scouts, the Bordeaux start-up has helped unlock the sector. Kazoart reconciles art lovers with artists while reinventing the future of the market.

Source: Kazoart

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