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Each semester, BORDEAUX Business produces a Grand Dossier on a topical topic. Economic decryption, interviews with experts and professionals, confrontation of ideas and complementarity of experiences…

Is luxury in Bordeaux living its last hours?

Experience of luxury in large houses, rich gastronomic heritage, New Aquitaine is not lacking in attractions. In 1996, the city of Bordeaux has been arguing in to launching an ambitious urban planning project. Prompt to welcome ecosystems of excellence, and attract the great fortunes of this world…

Corporate real estate, the new Bordeaux eldorado

In a fast-growing market, which is still a niche market, corporate real estate in New Aquitaine is puzzling… A lack of homogeneity a little confusing for business leaders who need quick decision-making, economically viable, and in line with the needs of their structures…

The LGV Bordeaux-Paris, from fantasy to reality

Almost a year has passed since the great Parisian wave promised by the opening of the LGV Paris-Bordeaux. Substantial investments for a slightly shorter route, expected to allow fluid and intense traffic between the two cities. Breaking up Bordeaux, opening it up a little more to the world, and above all, having the vocation to stimulate the Bordeaux economy by a strengthened attractiveness….

Are banks still at the service of entrepreneurs?

Major global companies such as Google, Uber and Amazon have implemented different business models that have disrupted markets and destabilized a model that seems well established. The banking sector, which was thought to be untouchable, is not immune to the joint movement of technology development, changes in social uses and changes in business models.

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