Maison Dubernet, the shop gets a makeover and enhances regional know-how

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Maison Dubernet boutique offers itself a youth cure. Maison Dubernet is one of the oldest artisanal houses of foie gras and charcuterie. Since 1864, the cooks of Maison Dubernet havebeen raving their know-how with recipes from the South-West. It offers products from the traditional gastronomy of the South-West to all lovers of good food. The choice of its products turns only to quality regional products. It must be said, in the South-West there is no question of neglecting quality when we talk about foie gras. With its catalogue of products, Maison Dubernet promotes the region’s know-how and gastronomy. In addition, the house has understood the interest of taking care of its image and the customer experience. To these ends, the Bordeaux boutique offers itself a new face between modernity and authenticity.

Promote the know-how and terroir of the region

Foie gras is the primary specialty of Maison Dubernet. If this specialty can sometimes be at the heart of the controversy concerning the techniques of force-feeding geese and ducks, it is nevertheless an unbeatable specialty of the South-West. More generally, foie gras joins the long list of French gastronomic specialties. A list that earns France the image of a country where we eat particularly well. Indeed, French cuisine has this little “Je ne sais quoi” which makes it particularly remarkable. It is positioned between traditional know-how, modernity and refinement. For more than 100 years, Maison Dubernet has contributed to the reputation of this gastronomy of which we are so proud. It offers products made in the respect of traditions and from the Landes, Chalossais and Basque terroir.

FranceAgriMer, published the figures of the foie gras market in its January 2021 report. In 2019, no less than 16,572 tons of foie gras were produced in the territory. This represents two-thirds of the world’s foie gras production. In addition, it should be noted that 70% of farms are located in the South-West basin, in Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées and Corrèze. In addition, a PGI foie gras from the South-West guarantees the origin and quality of the foie gras. The French consumed about 227 g of foie gras per capita. A consumption that focuses in particular on the periods of the end of the year holidays, Valentine’s Day or Easter. In fact, 78% of households made their purchases during these periods.

For Maison Dubernet,this is therefore a highlight not to be missed during the year. Thus, in order to welcome its customers for the holidays, the shop offers a new setting that highlights the products and the experience of the latter.

foie gras presentation Maison Dubernet
The foie gras of the South-West is a must of the holidays

Maison Dubernet and its new space to promote the customer experience

On October 21st, a cocktail party took place in the new décor of the Maison Dubernetboutique. Indeed, the latter has undergone a complete renovation at the Mann & Coatanea agency. Architects Julie and Juliet worked on the project to create a space that transmits energies. Indeed, we must not underestimate the power of the decoration of a point of sale. The latter attracts, communicates values and builds customer loyalty. Thus, for Maison Dubernet,the two architects played with light, volumes and a set of subtle details. From now on, historical products and traditional packaging are sublimated on displays with raw materials and clean lines.

Gourmets will be able to go to the shop at 9 rue Michel Montaigne to prepare for the end of the year celebrations.


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