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Madiabio and super foods, eat healthily to keep fit

Madiabio takes on the food supplement and superfood market in the territory. Following its integration in 2019 into the Vitagerminegroup, an expert in the organicsector, the Madiabio brand is making its way into the market. In particular, it is driven by new food trends in favour of better eating.

Indeed, superfeder fevers are popular among consumers. If they are not new, consumers are increasingly turning to them for their benefits and nutritional properties. Thus, superfeds cover the needs of athletes as well-wishers as well-wishers or simply those who need a vitality cure in a gloomy context. It must be said that the COVID-19 crisis has awakened awareness about health food. Individuals seem to be increasingly sensitive to foods that wish them well, such as Madiabio’s superfeds.

Eating better, a real concern

Before the COVID-19 crisis, food was already turning the cornertowards healthy and ecologicalfood. However, this dimension has become more widespread as a result of the impact of the global epidemic on everyone’s habits. The COVID-19 crisis involves questions for consumers. Thus, it is legitimate to ask whether the society in which we live has not reached its limits. For some, the search for meaning must take place and it involves food. There is a proverb that says “you become what you eat”. In a tense health context, consumers have therefore turned to better nutrition. The latter responds to environmental and health concerns.

According to a study by ObSoCo, 55% of French people surveyed in 2020 say that a quality food product is a good product for health. This indicator shows an increase over the previous year. At the same time, 54% of the quality of food depends on environmentally friendly production. Again, this indicator is on the rise. The latest study on this subject indicated that only 43% agreed.

Thus, in line with these indicators, purchases of organic products increased during the crisis. In particular, they have grown from the beginning. According to Kantar WP, between mid-February and mid-April 2020, organic sales increased by 22%. This increase is quite significant since conventional products have not had the same success. Thus, the trend for health food and green food is indeed a reality. Madiabio understood this.

A category of product products is experiencing a growing appeal in the health food. These are the superfeds. They first appeared a decade ago in the U.S. market as super fruits. Today, the concept of these healthy foods is spreading as a global phenomenon in the service of consumer health. Madiabio is an actor of this type of food that emerges on the territory. The brand offers a complete range of organic superfeds. Thanks to their nutritional value, Madiabio products ensure that the body and mind are healthy every day. A major success that is based on a growing trend. In fact, the brand saw its sales of spirulina increase by 149%.

madiabio super organic foods
Madiabio’s superfeds for sport, well-being and vitality. Photograph: Madiabio

Madiabio, an actor to promote healthy eating

Madiabio is a French brand. She was born under the leadership of Thierry Wasson, a former high-level professional fencer and his wife Loriane. Since 2014, the two entrepreneurs have wanted to democratize superfeds and adult dietary supplements. For this reason, the brand offers a catalogue of 13 organic product references that fall into three main categories. The goal of superfeder before is to provide food with a healthy dimension. Thus, the categories focus on the areas of sport, well-being and vitality. Its grouping with Vitagermine in 2019 has allowed the brand to deploy its strategy. Today it is distributed in more than 900 specialty stores, concept store or pharmacy in the territory. At the same time, the products are also available online.

With its offer, the brand meets the needs of a rapidly changing food sector. The brand is indeed propelled by the trend of superfeder fever. Its products are a huge success. For example, Madiabio chia seeds are experiencing an increase in sales volume of 84%. This product is a product at the heart of current food trends. In addition to providing consumers with the kind of food they need, Madiabio does not forget its environmental commitment. This aspect is also a criterion of choice for consumers. Thus, the brand selects its ingredients and products through organic and transparent channels. In addition, in line with this approach, it has notably re-worked all its packaging. Now the products are available in recyclable papercontainers.

Madiabio does not intend to relax its efforts in this buoyant market. In particular, it aims for a new version of its website to a merchant site. The latter will therefore offer consumers the opportunity to order their products directly online on the official website. In an ever-changing industry, Madiabio does not intend to remain on the track. It constantly challenges its products in order to improve them. Thus, it will also further develop its product range with the arrival of maca and turmeric powders. The path to healthy food is gradually being traced thanks to actors like Madiabio


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