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Livi, the teleconsultation solution that seduces New Aquitaine

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Teleconsultation is gaining momentum thanks to platforms like Livi. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the country, the measures have been stricter. Medical services are therefore diversifying, thanks to digital and the creation of an online consultation platform. A way for patients to see their doctor without moving from their homes. Two advantages: decluttering city medical offices as well as emergencies… But also to limit the risk of transmission of the virus. This system works particularly well in New Aquitaine. Focus on the 2020 balance sheet of the greater region.

Livi, an effective solution in times of pandemic

Livi is the first teleconsultation health centre in France. It allows a patient who is sick to contact his doctor without having to travel. He can then expose his symptoms, and get the proper treatment. A solution that tends to develop, teleconsultation allows you to respond to all requests without taking any risks from a health point of view. Because to consult, the measures are stricter than before. No more full waiting rooms during walk-in consultations, any consultation is scheduled in advance. But with the teleconsultation offered by platforms like Livi, the sequence is safer, and faster.

It works particularly well in New Aquitaine, as the Livi platform recorded 4621 consultations in 2020. This result shows that this offer meets the needs of patients who wish to consult online. A solution that responds to the fear of rubbing shoulders with other patients, but not only. In fact, 38% of patients who consult are located in a medical desert in New Aquitaine. These are patients who do not have a medical office or emergency department near their home. Thus, Livi allows them to access the skills of a doctor without having to travel.

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Livi allows patients to see a doctor outside of traditional office hours.

During critical periods of the pandemic, hospital tension was very high. Installing a first online consultation with a health care professional helps direct patients to the most appropriate solution; i.e. prescribing a post-consultation treatment, or redirecting to a physical consultation if the case requires it. Patients also go to emergency departments when they are suffering outside of the office hours. In New Aquitaine, 37.78% of patients who use Livi consult outside the traditional slots from 8am to 8pm on weekdays.

Livi’s results in Gironde encourage teleconsultation

Gironde is the department that has recorded the most consultations via the Livi platform. Indeed, it counts 1784 in the year 2020. Carried by Bordeaux, its metropolis, the Gironde is therefore particularly in demand, its hospitals experiencing a high tension. They welcome the sick population of the department, but also adjacent areas in case of surge.

In contrast, Livi’s services concern few people in a medical desert, only 8% of requests. This contrasts with a department like The Creuse, which is much less equipped with medical facilities. In this department, all requests for consultations come from areas considered medical deserts.

Livi also attracts patients who do not have a treating physician. Faced with deadlines to get appointments with general practitioners or specialists, many are looking first for the shortest time frame. A phenomenon driven at the base by platforms like Doctolib, which emphasize the flexibility and speed to get an appointment. In Gironde, for example, 26.09% of patients who consult do not have a treating physician.

Health doctors
The solution allows doctors to receive only patients with serious medical conditions in their practice.

The population that uses teleconsultation is generally young: 43% of 25-39 year olds and 31% of 18-24 year olds. This is due in particular to their pace of life, between studies and work, which does not allow to be available at any time… But also their ability to use digital tools on a daily basis. A much more customary target for video conferencing and digital.

The reasons for the consultations are diverse. 21% of patients in Gironde use Livi for a general medicine consultation, 17% compared to COVID-19. Patients are encouraged to do this type of consultation to discuss their symptoms before going to the hospital or medical facility.

Towards ultra-connected health?

The rise of teleconsultation solutions like Livi provides a sustainable solution for demanding populations. Apart from the usefulness in times of pandemic to relieve caregivers in hospitals… They also connect people living in medical deserts with health professionals. This surge of Livi is also part of an environment where digital is developing strongly, allowing to meet the needs of sick people.

Is health destined to become ultra-connected to make everyday life easier for all?


Livi, a health centre expert in teleconsultation, presents its 2020 report in New Aquitaine, published on 17 February 2021

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