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On 10 March 2022, the State stepped up its support for geiq and professional integration. It puts in place a decree that makes it possible to recognize the work of the Geiq in favor of the inclusion of people far from employment. The Geiq were born no less than 30 years ago. These groups aim to support companies in the face of recruitment difficulties.

The new decree of 10 March makes it possible to set up new openings. They are placed in response to the evolution of the accompanied profiles. For example, it values people who find themselves in particular social difficulties. It also values young baccalaureate graduates without professional experience and who find themselves in difficulties of professional integration or guidance. In this sense, Geiq can facilitate the orientation of people in need with personalized support to offer them access to employment. The broadening of audiences offers new perspectives to geiq. It makes it possible to act more fully in their development and in the dynamics of employment.

Professionalintegration is of paramount importance in order to promote employment but also inclusion. As a result, many actors are mobilizing in favour of integration. This is for example the case of the French Federation of Geiq, which aims to federate the Employer Groups for Integration and Qualification (Geiq) as well as the Employers’ Groups (GE) around common values.

The health context has thus had a strong impact on employment and hiring. As a result, people on the margins of the labour market have been sidelined even more. The aid put in place by the State has made it possible to unblock the market but has not, however, enabled everyone to integrate into working life.

The French Federation of Geiq, its actions in favor of professional integration

The French Federation of Geiq is a federation bringing together all the Employer Groups for Integration and Qualification (Geiq) as well as the Employers’ Groups (GE). The FFGeiq accompanies and supports geiq and ge so that they develop in good conditions and in respect of its values. This makes it possible, in particular, to establish a framework to guarantee the identity of the network but also the quality of the actions carried out. It also ensures a partnership with the State, in addition to having its classic role of federation.

These Geiq and GE are thus distributed over all territories and are intended to mobilize in order to promote integration through alternation. This applies in particular to people who are excluded or far removed from the labour market. The Geiq thus allows these people to be accompanied and trained over a period ranging from 6 to 24 months. This therefore contributes to the professional integration of everyone in the long term.

The French Federation of Geiq announces the release of the second part of its free magazine “La Plus Belle Façon d’Hire”. This magazine highlights successful integration pathways thanks to the actions carried out by the Geiq. Indeed, it brings together testimonies proving the effectiveness of the system, and this everywhere in the territory. Thus, regardless of the situation of the testimonies, everyone found their way thanks to the geiq devices. Whether they are in a situation of disability, retraining, refugees, without experience, the accompaniments are personalized and allow to respond to all the problems. It is also an advantageous solution for partner companies. Indeed, the Geiq offer a large number of different profiles to meet labour needs in all sectors. As some sectors are more affected than others by the crisis, this represents a real remedy for each of the parties.

Promoting employment, the importance of inclusion

In a context of health crisis, the labour market has also experienced a strong crisis. Many employees have found themselves on short-time work or unemployment, in particular because of the various lockdowns. Indeed, certain sectors of activity have more or less been impacted by the health situation. We are thinking in particular of the tourismsector, hotels and restaurants. Thus, hirings decreased by 26.9% in 2020. Nevertheless, thanks to the emergency aid introduced by the State, the reduction in jobs has been mitigated. Among these aids, aid for the recruitment of young people, support for partial activity and assisted contracts have been useful for employment. There are still about 284,000 jobs destroyed due to Covid-19.

To compensate for this massive destruction of jobs, it is therefore necessary to mobilize all the actors. Whether it is young people, people with disabilities or people without work experience find themselves isolated on the labour market. Indeed, youth unemployment, for example, has increased compared to 2019.

It is with this in mind that the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Reintegration launches the Inclusive Tour every year. This event aims to inform stakeholders about inclusiveness and thus make them evolve in the right direction. Everyone is an actor of change so it’s not too late!


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