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Limelight and its Lumière CityLight gallery enrich the artistic and cultural landscape of Bordeaux

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On September 30, Limelight laid the foundation stone of the Galerie Lumière. For this Bordeaux audiovisual, performing arts and event company, the CityLight Gallery is an opportunity to promote artistic expression and culture from a new angle in Bordeaux. It must be said that light occupies an indispensable place in the visual arts. We tend to forget it, but light is a technique of artistic expression in its own right. Thus, the place of 1200 square meters will be a place of production and artistic realization. Within the Chartrons district, the place will also be an extension of the company’s work. It is literally and figuratively a showcase for this know-how. Finally, the Limelight space is also intended to develop and promote the work of artists with a creative and production pole.

Light is an art

Light is a means of artistic expression that is often forgotten. However, without light nothing would be possible. Thus, some artists play with the latter as a material in its own right. Light is then central in the works. She tames herself to create emotions with the public. However, the perception of light as an element in its own right is rather recent. Indeed, it is only during the 2nd half of the 20th century that light is revealed for artists. This is particularly highlighted by photography and cinema. Light is now mechanical and can be used to convey a message or an emotion for example. It no longer represents itself only now it controls itself. The company Limelight thus plays with light.

It was in the 60s that the movement gained momentum and artists became fascinated by light and its different forms and uses. The use of light is part of contemporary art and makes it possible to create sensory experiences. For example, the American artist Dan Flavin, creates works from neon lights whose colors bring a feeling of relaxation.

Artist Olafur Eliasson also used light in a major project. He recreated a huge sunrise and sunset in the Tate Museum in London in 2003. Light is an integral part of the work that invites well-being thanks to the unique atmosphere it creates. Thus today artists have understood the power of the use of light within a work. This means of expression will be honored in the new space of Limelight,a unique light gallery

Gallery Citylight artist light Bordeaux
Limelight creates its own works with light

Citylight, limelight’s light gallery, a space dedicated to artistic creation and production

Limelight is a Bordeaux company oriented from its beginnings towards technology. Today she produces her own artistic creations, whether for shows, lighting, scenography, sound system, or videos or animated films. In other words, the company offers a range of complete solutions that range from the idea to the realization to the final design. The company therefore masters its business by creating its own media. Thus she became strong of a rare experience on the region. The team thus consists of experts with complementary technical skills.

In addition, this notion of internal work and synergy is important for Nicole Sénédiak, the director of Limelight. In this sense, she decided to create CityLight in order to meet the challenges of her business. She wants to erase the boundary between artistic creation and production technique. The CityLight light gallery is similar to a centre of competence for production and cultural realization. Therefore, the venue aims to rethink the economy of audiovisual, event and entertainment.

Nicole Sénédiak gallery light art
Nicole Sénédiak, the director of Limelight

Indeed, the audiovisual and cultural field is a field with little structure. There are the artists on one side and the technicians on the other. The Citylight gallery aims to erase this border and this distinction by promoting synergies between the different professions. Thus, the place will be an ideal place for those who wish to set up a work and develop it. Within the place there will be in particular, a material and technical resources center, a creative studio, offices and technical platform and a place for sharing. Finally, the venue will also feature an exhibition and demonstration showcase that will be visible from the street.

Limelight’s Citylight will therefore be a place to bring together artists, whether professional or amateur, with the aim of boosting the sector in the city of Bordeaux. Supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the project should be delivered in September 2022.


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