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The Bacalan block, a village district that is based on the mix of uses

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Supported by the real estate developer Legendre Immobilier, the Bacalan block offers a village area of more than 30,000 square meters. The objective of this large-scale project located in the heart of the Bassins à flot is to strengthen the attractiveness of the district. With a modern vision, the operation ensures to set up a mix of uses. The real estate sector is therefore turning to a trend that responds to both economic and sustainable challenges. No more question of separating the places of residence, work or leisure. Today, the new neighbourhoods are based on a hybrid concept that meets all activities of daily life. The Bacalan islet is a concrete example. It is a neighborhood that sets up a virtuous real estate complex.

The Bacalan islet in the heart of the Bassins à flots mixes gastronomy, business and tourism

After the influence of the city of wine, the district of the islet of Bacalan is positioned as an extension to strengthen a little more the dynamism of the Bassins à flots. Once inhabited by industrial wastelands or disused factories, the Bassin à flots district has been able to offer itself a new youth. It has become a district as an extension of the city center of Bordeaux. From now on, it is a district where the people of Bordeaux can take the time to stroll in order to recharge their batteries. Indeed, in recent years, cultural places and living spaces have taken place. Among these places, the City of Wine,the Basins of Lights, the Marine Sea Museum or the Halles de Bacalan have become must-sees. But this rebirth does not stop there.

Indeed, the Bassin à flots area sees the emergence of mixed village districts such as the Bacalan block. These districts are becoming of major importance for today’s cities insofar as they respond to both economic and social issues. These are hybrid models that value life on the spot. The islet Bacalan offers an effect a space of more than 30,000 square meters dedicated to gastronomy as well as business through tourism. Within it, we can find the Halles de Bacalan, a culinary place that promotes local and gourmet gastronomy. At the same time, hotels such as the Renaissance or the Moxy welcome travelers all year round in order to meet the tourist challenges of Bordeaux. Finally, business is never far away with WHOORKS. It is a collaborative workspace in flex office.

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The environment is a major issue in new real estate projects

A neighbourhood that does not lose sight of environmental issues

If the district values attractiveness, there is no question of putting aside the environmental dimension. Indeed, the project has been designed to create an environment that brings together two notions. It is a question of mixing the urban and the vegetal. In addition, the buildings are eco-responsible. For this, the Bacalan island integrates a solar power plant for self-consumption. In order to support Legendre immobilier in the implementation of the Egis operation to be provided intervened as assistance to environmental project management. The engineering company supported the construction of the hotels and the para hotel residence in the district. In particular, it carried out a green site monitoring during the duration of the work. In addition, it has developed solutions to optimize the environmental qualities of buildings.

Thus, the Bacalan block is positioned as a real estate project of the future that meets the new challenges of cities while ensuring in the long term to respect the environment.


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