“Les Audacieux”, the Grand Prix rewarding start-ups

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“Les Audacieux” is a competition to highlight and reward start-up creators in 2020. Indeed, 2020 has not been an easy year for the economy and employment, and yet some daring people have embarked on the adventure. It is therefore Kite and Connect,club of kitesurfer entrepreneurs, who launched this Grand Prix to reward the audacity but also the desire to undertake of the founders of start-ups despite the conditions.

Entrepreneurship is a personal action allowing autonomy but also the opportunity to innovate. Thus, entrepreneurs are supported by the State and are therefore eligible for a certain number of aids and accompaniment. This allows them to embark on entrepreneurship in a serene way and to positively evolve their business.

“Les Audacieux”, the competition that highlights start-ups founded during Covid

“Les Audacieux” is a Grand Prix reserved for start-uppers who have created their start-up since January 1, 2020. Indeed, founding your start-up in the midst of the Covid-19 health crisis is a risky but above all bold bet. Indeed, periods of crisis can be a period of taking a step back and refocusing professionally. With their desire to undertake,their confidence in their ideas, their projects and their skills,these young start-ups are bold.

The “Les Audacieux” competition aims to highlight and reward these founders who took the crisis as a springboard and not as a disadvantage. It is therefore in this dynamic of audacity and entrepreneurship that the kitesurfer entrepreneurs club Kite and Connect has decided to bring together all the actors of the ecosystem in order to elect the bold start-up 2021. The winner will have the opportunity to enter the B2B KITE SUMMIT network. This network brings together more than 500 entrepreneurs and will allow the winner to be coached and mentored through this network. A great opportunity for young start-ups and to guarantee them a bright future of success.

creation start-ups Les Audacieux rewards Covid
Despite the risk, some daring people have embarked on the adventure by creating their start-up despite the context.

To be able to apply for the competition, you must first be the founder or co-founder of a start-up less than 2 years old. Indeed, the start-up must have been created during the Covid crisis. Then, it must have raised less than 3 million euros and have developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In addition, participating start-ups must also have their first customers or offer a disruptive innovation or technology. Finally, they must demonstrate an interest and a positive impact in the long term on topics of inclusion, societal, environmental etc. Registration closes on August 20 for a result of the 12 semi-finalists at the end of August. The semi-final will take place in Paris on September 8 and will result in the announcement of the 3 finalists. The final pitch will take place on September 25 in front of the jury and 300 entrepreneurs in Dakhla.

Business start-ups, the importance of entrepreneurship

Starting your own business is first and foremost a personal action. Indeed, it allows you to give free rein to your desire to undertake, your passions, your projects and your skills. Thus, future creators put forward innovative projects, responding to a specific demand or needs of a market. Becoming your own boss is also an aspect that attracts future entrepreneurs. More boss does not mean not didn’t owe anyone anything. Indeed, it is important to satisfy customers, partners, service providers and it is therefore necessary to comply with some requirements. Being self-employed also means managing all aspects of the business at least at the beginning of the activity. If the company develops well, then the entrepreneur will have the opportunity and opportunity to delegate certain aspects by recruiting.

To ensure that the entrepreneurial experience goes well, the State provides future entrepreneurs with a certain number of aids. Indeed, the goal is to promote entrepreneurship and to make these companies succeed and sustain. There are also calls for projects that solicit start-ups and young companies to give them the opportunity to develop and be supported.


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Aid for entrepreneurship or taking over,CCI

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