Sablon leather goods: advertising objects, the victory of quality over price

La Maroquinerie du Sablon is part of a market for advertising objects that has decidedly not said its last word. In a context of rejection of different forms of advertising, it is clear that goodies and other personalized objects enjoy excellent appreciation from the public. Located in the Bordeaux vineyards between Libourne and Bergerac, La Maroquinerie du Sablon is one of the few companies to produce advertising objects and personalized gifts in France, with quality materials, mainly French and European. A positioning that makes all the difference for the brand image of its customers.

Leather goods from Sablon, the tailor-made advertising object even on a small scale

Since 1985, the Gironde family business has been producing advertising leather goods for the communication of professionals. Proud of its French origin, Maroquinerie du Sablon makes it a point of honour to source raw materials from French and European partners (1). In addition, aware of being part of a tradition of luxury, in addition to having a responsibility on its environmental impact, she revisits the advertising object to move from disposable goodies to beautiful useful objects, to be preserved.

Advertising object design
Cutting, technique, leather goods are an Art. Photography Leather goods from Sablon

Thus, the Maroquinerie du Sablon offers both a catalog of basic products, as well as the possibility of designing tailor-made objects. Card holder, checkbook holder for banks, registration cards, launch gifts for a new product for events, personalized agenda jackets on behalf of the company… It is also distinguished by its ability to produce highly technical leather goods, such as luggage storage.

In the context of tailor-made orders, the entire design and production process takes place in-house, in Gironde. La Maroquinerie du Sablon then takes care in collaboration with the customer to design the product, create a prototype, and then launch production. Moreover, contrary to what is generally practiced on the market, tailor-made does not necessarily mean large volumes. Thus, orders are possible from only 50 copies, in coherence with the desire for a reasoned production.

Wallet wallet goodies
A know-how that seduces companies.

Despite rates 30% higher than Asian competition in particular… La Maroquinerie du Sablon has thus proved its value by establishing relationships with large companies; aware of the importance of quality for their brand image. Among these brands, Société Générale; The Post Office; the PMU; Crédit Agricole Charentes Périgord; Crédit du Nord; Daher; Sokoa; the University of Pau, the University of Le Havre, the Verrouil Group, the tourist office of Jonzac, Carcassonne or Périgueux, the Ginestet House, the Fabrègue Group…

Advertising objects, differentiation and not only on price

Since 2016, the advertising market has therefore represented between €1.2 billion and €1.324 billion in turnover (2). It is even the third largest media medium, accounting for 4.4% of advertising spending. It is thus ahead of the radio (2.9%) and the display (4.4%). Proof that goodies and promotional items have their place in business communication, 56% of advertisers used them in 2017. The potential is even greater when we know that 96% of French people perceive positively to be offered advertising objects. 81% say they use them regularly.

Leather goods workshop of Sablon
The products are designed in the Sablon workshops. Photography Leather goods from Sablon

However, not all advertising items benefit from the same appreciation. For good reason, 78% of French users explain that a qualitative object improves the image of the brand and encourages them to buy (2). On the other hand, 65% say that a poor quality object reflects a negative image of the company; and pushes them not to spend at home.

In this context, the price of goodies can no longer be the only differentiating factor. To assert their competence, market players are redoubling their efforts to propose original offers… In line with consumer expectations: utility, quality, sustainability… On this subject, the Maroquinerie du Sablon chooses not to rest on its achievements… And remains constantly looking for novelties to modernize its offer. Thus, in 2021, it adds to its catalog an ecological material. 100% recyclable, in addition to the cork offered for several years (1).

Quality advertising object
Advertising products are of quality to seduce.

Similarly, advertisers are increasingly inclined to actively participate in the development of these objects. Companies offering tailor-made advertising objects, such as The Maroquinerie du Sablon, therefore meet a clientele in search of quality and exception.


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