LeasePlan x Arrival, the partnership for electric mobility

LeasePlan and Arrival join forces in favour of sustainable mobility. Indeed, the company specializing in Car-as-a-service and the company developing electric vehicles announce a partnership planned for the 3rd quarter of 2021. Thus, LeasePlan becomes the preferred partner for the long-term rental of Arrival electric vehicles. More than 3,000 revolutionary vehicles have been ordered and will be available in cities across Europe.

Green mobility is thus a vector of development. Thus, this allows users to reduce their carbon footprint and thus act on their own scale for the environment. Indeed, acting in the common interest of preserving the environment is a will for many. The State and the organizations make every effort to promote the greening of vehicle fleets. This concerns both individuals and companies.

LeasePlan and Arrival, the arrival of electric vehicles in Europe

The companies LeasePlan and Arrival,both actors in the mobility sector, join forces and create a strong partnership. Indeed, LeasePlan is a company managing more than 1.9 million vehicles in more than 30 countries. It therefore provides a management, financing and purchase service for new vehicles for its customers. LeasePlan nevertheless aims to move to a fleet of so-called “zero emission” vehicles by 2030. An objective that fits into the current problems of reducing CO2 emissions. It is in this dynamic that the company has approached Arrival.

Indeed, Arrival is an important player inthe automotive industry because it reinvents the latter. Thus, Arrival has a new approach to the assembly and design of electric vehicles. This new approach allows Arrival to offer competitive prices and aims to provide cities with sustainable solutions. Founded in 2015, the company is now present worldwide and has more than 1,900 employees.

LeasePlan Arrival partners electric cars
LeasePlan and Arrival become partners and advance the transition to sustainable mobility.

Thus, the two companies find themselves with the same objective. It is therefore to develop the use of electric vehicles in order to promote sustainable mobility. Their partnership was then based on a common will putting sustainable development at the center of their strategy. LeasePlan then becameArrival’s preferred partner and ordered more than 3,000 electric vehicles for long-term rental. The demand for vehicles is high and LeasePlan wants to meet this demand by providing electric, innovative and clean vehicles. The two companies thus support each other in their desire to increase the energy transition in terms of mobility.

Green mobility, a vector of progress

Green mobility is developing more and more within countries and this is not without reason. Indeed, greenhouse gas emissions are a real scourge for the environment and mobility represents about 30% of these emissions. Theclimate emergency therefore forces actors to change their habits to adopt more environmentally friendly ones.

It is therefore part of a desire to make cities more sustainable. Indeed, to make agglomerations both attractive and sustainable, urban mobility but also the mobility of individuals must be healthier. Individuals, companies and organizations are affected by this transition.

Green mobility also serves to reduce energy dependence. Indeed, every year the energy resources that the planet is able to produce in a year are exhausted before the end of the year. This year, Overshoot Day was July 29, 2021, earlier than in 2020. Indeed, the carbon footprint is increasing every year and there is an urgent need for action. For this, action plans are put in place with very specific objectives. This is for example the case of LeasePlan having joined forces with Charge Guru to develop a campaign within VSEs and SMEs. This aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

So many actions to allow everyone to act in favor of a serene and environmentally friendly future.


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