Equestrian sport is passionate in New Aquitaine

Equestrian sport, between fascination, respect for the animal and dream of freedom. Women and men have been riding horses since the night of the time. This Practice can be associated with art, leisure or sport. Thus equestrian competitions fascinate spectators. The latter observe the perfect communion between a rider and his horse. In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, there are many local and international competitions. These are events that attract many tourists, enthusiasts but also the elite of the world’s riders.

The New Aquitaine Regional Riding Committee

The CRENA (Comité Régional d’Equitation Nouvelle-Aquitaine) is a regional organization promoting equestrian sport in the region. Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the leading region in terms of number of clubs Equestrian. It is also the 3rd region in number of commitments on official events and number of licenses. The objective of the committee is established by following 2 main activities.

The first activity lies in the priority areas of development.

Thus equestrian sport must be a proposal of sports project adapted to everyone. It must promote access to new disciplines, the promotion of young talents, the organization of championships, etc …

CRENA also highlights the social bond. Indeed, the committee works for the generalization of the horse network. It also highlights access to horse riding for seniors, accessibility for young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, partnership with judicial protection, etc.

In addition, diversification is also part of the development axes. The goal is to support federal actions, develop equestrian sport disciplines, boost shows, offer new services, etc.

Finally, equestrian tourism is the last aspect. Thus the committee works for a good communication of circuits and infrastructures.

But also he participates in the facilitation of marketing and participation in specialized fairs, etc.

The second activity of the committee is to propose means of accompaniment.

Thus, it sets up training courses but also development for young talents and hopefuls. The objective is to highlight training and promote access to it.

In addition, the committee sets up a quality system by encouraging the obtaining of federal labels. The latter also assists in applications for regional aid.

Partnerships are also a means of accompaniment. Thus, the committee offers the possibility of developing means and actions with the departmental committees such as valorization with the Regional Council or the exchange with the other regions.

Finally, communication is the last point. It allows the creation of an equestrian identity Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the development of communication channels or the intensification of relations with the press.

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If you want to practice equestrian sport,do not hesitate to get closer to CRENA. The committee is able to guide your needs and your journey.

Equestrian sport in the spotlight at the International Jumping of Bordeaux

The International Jumping in Bordeaux is a major event renowned all over the world. It takes place every year at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre. For its next edition it will take place from 6 to 9 February 2020. The place is ideal. Indeed, this city classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only the world capital of wine,it is a high place for the practice of horsebackriding. Indeed, the Gironde has seen the birth of champions like Pierre Durand. The latter won the gold medal at the Seoul Olympics in 1988. This feat in equestrian sport would not have been possible without Jappeloup de Luze. An exceptional little horse born in Saint-Savin in Gironde.

International jumping has diversified over the years in the same way as equestrian sport. It now offers a wide range of activities for professionals and visitors. LEquestrian event Bordeaux is above all a competition bringing together elites from all over the world. Riders have the opportunity to compete in‘Show jumping, harnessing, Devoucoux Indoor-Derby, ANTARES Partners Championship, EQUI-KIDS By EQUITHEME Pony Derby, Club Cup by HORSEWOOD and many more.

The competition brings together athletes of all ages, young riders, leaders, amateurs, young stallions from 7 to 8 years old. It is a diverse sport that delights the participants. It is also one of the only sports where men and women are on the same pedestal participating in the same events. Penelope Leprevost, for example, was the best French rider at the Land Rover Grand Prix in 2016.

It is also an opportunity to meet the professionals of livestock and health at the Salon des Stallions de Sport in Bordeaux, an essential event of French breeding. The Equine Health Forum provides an opportunity to inform enthusiasts and professionals about the health and care of horses.

The Salon du Cheval de Bordeaux is a shopping area dedicated to the equestrian world. 250 exhibitors will be available, rich and varied demonstrations, fun and educational activities as well as a pony club.

This kind of event also allows the setting up of equestrian shows. The previous edition focused on the theme of the “Iberian Night”, bringing together the talent of the greatest equestrian art schools in Jerez, Lisbon and Saumur.

The 4 Stars of Pau, a life-size horse-racing event

The 4 Stars of Pau is an equestrian competition organized by the city of Pau located in the Pyrenees-Atlantic department, lasting 5 days in October. It is a major event bringing together a full competition (2 and 4 stars) and a hitch contest (4 stars) which is the highest level. About 40,000 visitors make the trip, 200 horses and 150 riders are present during the dressage, show jumping and cross-country events.

Pau Bordeaux business

The village of the 2018 edition took place at the Domaine de Sers (Road of Bordeaux) and hosted 90 French and foreign exhibitors, offering equipment for riders and the stable, clothing and other products. Renowned sculptor Emmanuel Kieffer was present to exhibit his works. Coming from a line of blacksmiths, the artist is above all a farrier and has 25 years of experience to his credit. Today he shares his passion through unique wrought iron sculptures, his works are imagined, drawn and forged by him.

Equestrian competitions are events not to be missed, they contribute to the influence of this prestigious sport and are open to everyone, from children to adults. New Aquitaine is representative of these competitions with the Jumping International in Bordeaux and the 4-star competition in Pau. If you want to have a unique experience, don’t hesitate to participate in the competitions, as a rider or as a visitor.

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