The coliving Sharies real estate housing concept

Coliving, the success of the Sharies concept that responds to current challenges

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Coliving is democratizing within the real estateoffer. Indeed, this concept is gaining more and more followers thanks to its significant advantages. Actors like Sharies are developing a new way of life. They value living spaces around people and their needs. After the COVID-19 pandemic and the democratization of teleworking in general, living spaces are no longer necessarily considered in the same way as yesterday. With Sharies, they become more than just places to sleep. Coliving residences are now designed with living spaces to work, play sports or cook. In a way, the living space adapts to all the moments of everyday life. It offers a direct solution to the needs of its occupants.

Sharies, a pioneer in the democratization of the concept of coliving

Coliving is a new version of colocation. This concept is based on the fundamentals of shared accommodation by allowing you to benefit from private and shared spaces within a home. However, coliving offers additional services to bring comfort to its occupants. They are brought by one of the professionals or for the company in management of the coliving space. Sharies is one of the pioneer operators in the management and animation of these spaces.

The start-up is reinventing living spaces to offer men housing that meets all their needs. They benefit from a living environment that provides them with solutions in their personal but also professional lives. Indeed, the spaces are organized around each moment. This is a real opportunity after the troubled times that each individual has been able to experience since these spaces offer solutions that allow individuals to live in a setting that meets almost everything without the need to leave their homes.

Thus, to date, no less than 80 residents live in Sharies residences. The residences are located in Nancy, Marseille, Nanterre and Paris. Rich in its success, the start-up intends to further democratize its concept but this time on the European market. The start-up has chosen to implement its model in Belgium with 4 houses in the Saint-Gilles district of Brussels. A strategic place for the startup that intends to take advantage of the natural dynamism of the city, its culture and its foreign presence. Indeed, on the territory, Sharies’ concept of coliving seduces foreigners. Among the 80 residents a significant part comes from abroad.

Spaces coliving residences well being solutions
Well-being is invited in the common areas of coliving

A life experience that offers benefits

Thus, Sharies’ new spaces will offer new and tailor-made life experiences. The goal is to facilitate access to housing and optimize everyday needs by offering solutions to enrich the lives of residents. Indeed, coliving spaces generally offer advantages especially in large cities in terms of budget. On the other hand, they are also an opportunity to build social bonds.

If we look at the services, the concept also allows you to benefit from the advantages of hotels and flatshares without the disadvantages. For example, Sharies offers concierge or wellness services. The Brussels residences are equipped with rooms with bathroom and toilet around a common living area. In addition, residents can enjoy landscaped outdoor spaces oriented towards well-being. They are equipped with ping-pong tables, barbecues or hammocks. A projection room and a fitness room are also available to offer maximum service.

Simplicity and accessibility are the key words of the concept. Indeed Sharies offers turnkey solutions that include subscriptions, various consumption, insurance,linen, everyday products … Residents only have to put down their suitcase for a budget of 530 euros all inclusive.


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