Aeronautical engineering at the heart of the University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux is a little more involved in aeronautical engineering. Indeed, in the region the sector is one of the most dynamic. Thus, the University offers a master’s degree in Engineering, IMSAT (Engineering and Systems Maintenance for Aerospace and Transport). A five-year training course to prepare young people for the profession of expert engineer in all fields of engineering. In order to strengthen the weight and quality of teachings in the same way as engineering school training, the training is equipped with quality labels (1).

Aeronautical engineering, a training of excellence

The Master’s degree in IMSAT Engineering (Engineering and Systems Maintenance for Aerospace and Transport) is a five-year training course in life cycle-related occupations in aeronautics and transportation. Thus, during the first years of the bachelor’s degree in Talence and Mérignac, students see the scientific basis for any technician or engineer. The training is also reinforced by a base of skills in the technological disciplines of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, courses in engineering sciences and humanities as well as introductory courses in the world of aeronautics and transport.

Following for the master’s degree, it is possible to specialize in Onboard Systems Engineering, Avionics Aeronautical Engineering and Maintenance, Aeronautical Engineering and Structure Engineering. Thanks to the training, the University of Bordeaux intends to train the engineers of tomorrow. Indeed, the professional integration is excellent. It accounts for no less than 91% of graduates recruited within 6 months of graduation, of which 92% in CDI with an average gross annual salary of 30,000 euros at the beginning of their career (2).

To promote and offer equal training for engineering schools, the University of Bordeaux has networked. Thus, it is part of the network FIGURE: Training in Ingenieria by Universities of REarch. The aim of this network is to offer demanding courses inspired by the curriculum of the major international universities. So here’s a way to make excellent training accessible to all. Indeed, it is estimated that it is 20% more selective compared to traditional university courses but it has the advantage of being public. Thus, it allows to go beyond budget issues for professional success. In addition, the course has just been awarded the EUR-ACE® (European Accredited Engineer) label only issued to engineering schools. This label attests that the training allows to acquire the skills expected after an engineering training.

Aquitaine aeronautical engineer training
The University of Bordeaux trains the engineers of tomorrow in the aviation sector

Strengthening the dynamics of the aviation sector in New Aquitaine

It will be said that the aeronautical engineering training reinforces a little more the excellence and dynamism of the sector in the territory. Indeed, it is the domain of excellence of France. In particular, defence and commercial aviation strengthen activity. The country is the world’s second largest exporter of aeronautics, with 22% of the world market. In addition, it continues to see its market share increase. The Aquitaine company, Airbus is in particular the engine of exports. It accounts for about 50% of France’s aviation exports.

From a regional point of view, the aviation sector is one of the most important. He is also represented by other influential players such as Thalès, Dassault or Ariane Group. These companies, which are among the world market leaders, are a dynamic asset for the region. According to an INSEE study, the sector is of major importance, employing 159,000 employees in New Aquitaine and Occitanie. Thus, the proposed training meets quality criteria but not only. It also responds to a real market need with dynamic growth and further strengthens the sector’s presence in the region.

Thus, the University of Bordeaux attests that it is now possible to integrate highly graduate courses. It makes aeronautical engineering accessible through the label of courses of excellence previously reserved for the largest schools. In addition, it contributes to the growing dynamism of the sector in the region by training the engineers of tomorrow.


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(2) Master’s degree in IMSAT Engineering, Presentation of the Master IMSAT, Univeristé de Bordeaux

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