The Mie Câline at the service of entrepreneurs

Mie Câline is a company founded in 1985, specializing in sandwich and fast food. Since its inception, it has built up an extensive network of franchises. It now has more than 240 outlets within the national territory. Franchises allow a brand to work its territorial mesh, while developing its reputation and its clientele. Today, La Mie Câline enjoys a positive reputation, and encourages more young entrepreneurs than ever to become franchisees. A way to start an entrepreneurial activity with the support of a group already well established.

La Mie Câline, springboard for entrepreneurship in Gironde

The company offers a diversified service to its customers. Selling bread and cakes or sandwiches and salads. An offer that allows consumers to eat on the go, at a reasonable price with quality products. The recipe for success that has allowed, in short, to develop the network of La Mie Câline in recent years. This success is true in Gironde, with the presence of eight stores in busy areas. On Bordeaux, they are present in major shopping thoroughfares such as Rue Sainte-Catherine or Porte Dijeaux. The last one has just opened, at the end of August, in Bordeaux Lac, in the commercial area. At the head of this fourth Bordeaux franchise, a 29-year-old entrepreneur, who aims to recruit 7 employees. A well-thought-out entrepreneurial project, to get started serenely.

As with the major retailers that are building a franchise network, Mie Câline has developed its own in-house training program. Training in the processes of making dishes, offers offered in shops, or even hygiene rules… These are all elements that are common to all stores in the territory. Becoming an entrepreneur by running a franchise means starting with a local already defined by the head office, with established processes and the necessary equipment. It is a security to become its own boss, because the brand already enjoys a good reputation in the territory. Risk-taking is thus reduced compared to an entrepreneur who develops a “new” concept. An opportunity that limits the initial investment, while maximizing the chances of success.

Success stories for bordeaux’s reputation

Franchises not only promote a brand through a national presence, but also ensure a reputation as a product specific to a geographic territory. It is impossible not to mention La Toque Cuivrée, a Bordeaux-based company that has also developed a network of franchises. It specializes in the manufacture and sale of flutes and derivatives, an integral part of Bordeaux’s gastronomic heritage. It now has 19 shops, two of which are not located in the Bordeaux region. This company enjoys an assured reputation in the country, without having any franchises elsewhere. This is based above all on the quality and the local know-how of this product. Thus, throughout the year, tourists or travellers make a necessary passage to buy and bring canned goods home.

Companies with a large franchise network create jobs. For the leaders of a franchise, it is a springboard to get into entrepreneurship, and to run a business. This model seems to promise a good momentum after the COVID-19, which has had an impact on many companies. In short, a way to revive the economy and ensure its presence in all territories…


Press release – 10 August 2020 – Bordeaux: a 29-year-old man, owner of the new la Mie Câline store in Bordeaux!

La Mie Câline – Gironde

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