Learning in arre, what solutions?

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Learning is the perfect compromise between training and progressive integration into the professional world. In 2019, 485,800 individuals are moving in this direction, according to the Government (1). This was the year with the largest increase in apprenticeship signings. The year 2020 was very much in the works. This was obviously without counting on the Covid-19. Indeed, the latter has had a profound impact on the education system. While the media talk a lot about the closure and then the gradual reopening and respecting the barrier gestures of colleges and high schools, the CFA has also experienced some disruptions. Training in general must now find solutions to continue to supply the younger generation with knowledge. The latter must be able to integrate the world of work in the same way as the previous generation, regardless of the health and economic context of the country.

The plan to revive learning, to the rescue of “a generation sacrificed”

According to the survey by FNADIR (National Federation of Regional Associations of Directors of Apprentice Training Centres) and ORCOM (Accounting Firm), CFAs suffer from Covid-19. Indeed, the training offered by these institutions may suffer from cash flow problems. As a result, some sections may close. There is also an increase in the breach of apprenticeship contracts. New Aquitaine had the highest number of breaches of contracts between March and May 15, 2020, according to the FNADIR and ORCOM survey. The strong growth in apprenticeships in 2019 is expected to fall considerably as a result of the impact of the Covid-19. For this reason, schools implement alternatives, usually based on solidarity. The Government also lends a hand to the education system.

In order to cushion the impact of Covid-19 on the future of young people in terms of their learning, the Government is putting in place a plan to boost learning. The aim is to create exceptional assistance in the recruitment of apprentices from the beginning of September 2020. This plan is to provide financial assistance. In fact, it is 5,000 euros that will be paid for an apprentice under the age of 18 and 8,000 for an apprentice major (2) to companies. In addition, the search period for an apprenticeship contract is extended. Between 1 August and 31 December 2020, young people have “a 6-month period to find a company with which to sign an apprenticeship contract” (2).

Time, at a time of economic instability, is the worst enemy of students and apprentices. It is more difficult to find internships, internships or apprenticeships. Most recruitments today are done in a virtual, dematerialized way. So, adding an extra period to find a corresponding job offer to his profile, is almost inevitable.

Towards a new vision of school and the transmission of knowledge

Today’s younger generation is seeing its school and education system evolve before its eyes. This is a radical change that no other generation has faced before. This adaptation, in the continuity of the transmission of knowledge to these young people, requires the digitalization of tools. LiveClass, Zoom and many other platforms were part of the daily lives of many students during the confinement. For the youngest, it is Lumni. It is the educational platform of the French public audiovisual sector that provides courses in the form of video or audio content. Teachers help design these courses, which are intended for students from primary to high school.

From primary school to higher education, through learning in CFA; there are alternatives to access to culture, knowledge and knowledge. Many professional contracts are delayed or jostled by the Covid-19 and the current French economic situation. Nevertheless, mechanisms are being deployed throughout France to minimize the negative impact of the health crisis on today’s student generation. The Government relies on the transmission of knowledge, for everyone, at every moment. A promise that will be tested very quickly; starting next year in September, remotely, semi-distance or physically.


FNADIR: www.fnadir.fr/accueil

ORCOM: www.orcom.fr/

Lumni: www.lumni.fr/

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