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Konica Minolta and U’rself participate in the “Plant 1 million trees” project in Bordeaux Métropole.

October 8 is a great day for biodiversity with Konica Minolta and U’self. Indeed, the regional subsidiary of the printing solutions and IT services company as well as the Bordeaux start-up U’rself,specialized in marketing, will participate in a tree plantingcampaign. This campaign is part of a major project initiated by Bordeaux Métropole. This project consists of planting 1 million trees to protect and promote biodiversity in the territory. The planting will take place in Saint-Médard en Jalles from 10am. Konica Minolta and U’rself are the first companies to take part in the project as patrons. This is a participation in accordance with the CSR commitments of companies. Thus through this action words become deeds for the greatest pleasure of biodiversity.

Let’s plant a million trees in a large-scale greening operation

In January 2020, the Davos Economic Forumwas held. This forum aims to bring together the public and private sectors around major issues. On the occasion of the latter, an initiative was born. This is the ‘1 000 billion trees’ initiative. This idea was brought to light in order to grow and preserve 1 trillion trees on the planet. Faced with this ambitious initiative, the city of Bordeaux Métropole has also decided to get involved. Indeed, faced with theclimate emergency, the city decides to take measures including a sustainablemobility system, with the promotion of the energy transition or the preservation of nature. It is therefore committed to safeguarding biodiversity and enhancing green spaces both in and out of urban areas.

Bordeaux Métropole is therefore committed to planting 1 million trees on its territory. The challenge that the city has set itself is closely in line with the city’s climate plan and is joined by private actors such as Konica Minolta. It aims to combat global warming and air pollution. Indeed, this year the average temperature is 14.8 degrees. This average exceeds normal which is 1.5 degrees to 1.6 degrees. Thus, in order to maintain stable values, action must be taken. The city therefore wishes to reinvent itself by placing nature at the center of its thinking.

In this context, all actors must mobilize. There must be no distinction between the public and private sectors. Everyone must be able to provide support by participating in their measure. For this, Bordeaux Métropole has launched a sponsorshipapproach. Konica Minolta and U’rself are the first corporate sponsors to be included in the membership charter of the 1 million trees planted initiative.

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Forests are synonymous with life

Konica minolta and U’rself commit

The konica Minolta subsidiary and U’rself are therefore committed to planting 5,000 trees to participate in the initiative led by Bordeaux Métropole. This tree planting is consistent with Konica Minolta’s CSR commitments. Indeed, this is the first initiative of the group’s CSR program. In 1972, he created a department dedicated to environmental protection. The Group wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. Thanks to its actions, the group places in the 1% of the most committed companies in terms of CSR according to the EcoVadis CSR 2021ranking.

As part of this major project, other actors are also taking part alongside Konica Minolta. Naturschool,a forestry expert, has defined a strategy for the establishment of the plantation. This strategy was born with the help of Naudet,a nurseryman committed to the local plant. In parallel, the plantation is also intended to raise awareness among the younger generations about the preservation of biodiversity. Indeed, 60 students from the elementary schools of Hastignan and Jeanne d’Arc Assemption a Pessac will be integrated into the heart of the project. Finally, ESAT les Jardins de Nonères will provide support.

For its part, the start-up U’rself brings its knowledge to Konica Minolta in terms of innovative silvicultural technology based on the principle of SMART FORESTRY. A principle that aims to implant the right species in the right place. Thus, 8 leafy species were chosen for planting. The choice of these species is not trivial. It aims to create refuges for animal species while improving water filtration and soil enrichment. On the territory the complexity of species is important in order to allow spaces where biodiversity is optimized. The planting of the 5000 trees should make it possible to create a denser and richer forest than the so-called classic forests. The objective is to capture no less than 700 tons of CO2.

Thus, the private and public sectors are joining forces around a universal cause. Indeed, the preservation of the environment concerns all actors and everyone must be able to provide solutions on their own scale. There is a proverb that says that alone we go faster, together we go further. The cooperation of Konica Minolta, U’rself and other actors around the project “Plant 1 million trees” is a concrete example.


“Konica Minolta inaugurates its CSR program for the regions in Bordeaux Métropole” Konica Minolta, press release of 6 October 2021

Let’s plant 1 million trees” Bordeaux Métropole


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