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The Jassuremonfutur.fr portal allows young people to discover trades and pathways to the insurancesector. Diversified and future-going businesses, insurance offers many recruitment opportunities but also interesting development prospects. Atlas, the Financial Services and Consulting Skills Operator, provides young people and professionals in retraining with a lot of information about the insurance trades. A complete digital space to discover in just a few clicks the diversity of the sector and the trades offered. The insurance sector is thus buoyant, despite the current health crisis. Despite an upheaval in the way it operates, in particular because of digitalization, the sector is adapting.

Jassuremonfutur.fr, the insurance industry is recruiting

Jassuremonfutur.fr is a reference portal for young people wishing to move into the insurance sector. The platform aims to introduce students and recent graduates to all insurance professions. The Opco Atlas pilots actions to promote access routes and insurance trades under the I’assuresbrand. This brand brings together within it the players in the insurance companies, general insurance agents, assistance companies and insurance and reinsurance brokerage. Thus, the insurance industry is a promising sector, with many job opportunities for young people. Indeed, the sector recorded a 20% increase in the number of alternating entries during the year 2020, i.e. more than 8,500 contracts.

The Jassuremonfutur.fr portal allows you to gather all the information about the insurance. The diversity of the trades is highlighted as well as the various skills needed. Indeed, new skills in terms of cybersecurity, digitalization or data-science and customer relationship are a real need.

Bringing together a large number of interracial tools, Jassuremonfutur.fr is aimed at young people, professionals in retraining but also those involved in training and orientation. It includes brochures, educational kits, videos explaining the paths to access the insurance professions… All these tools allow students and professionals to have as much information as possible, both about the trades and the training to be carried out.

The site will evolve by bringing new tools such as an orientation test or the possibility of creating an account on the platform. This allows, among other things, to record one’s preferences in a personal space and thus follow all the news of the insurance sector. The directory already present will have some improvements, notably through new search filters.

Insurance, a buoyant sector despite the crisis

The insurance industry was no exception. Like many sectors, it has also been affected by the current health crisis. First of all, it has impacted the world of insurance especially through the customer relationship. Containment has created a forced distancing between insurers and their customers. Digitalization thus disrupts the traditional way insurance works. In addition, it has also created misunderstandings between the two parties, especially among professionals. This misunderstanding is due to the inability of insurers to insure the losses caused by the health situation. Indeed, the shutdown of certain activities, whether partial or total, has caused many professionals to lose.

Despite these negatives, the sector is still buoyant for the months and years to come. Thus, insurers with the aim of accompanying and protecting policyholders, they will therefore be essential for households and businesses, whatever happens. In the context of a health crisis, the insurance sector has thus released exceptional measures to continue to protect the most vulnerable.

As the sector is constantly evolving, it is in need of hiring. A boon for young people and professionals in retraining. Insurance is a rewarding sector, allowing you to work with large groups or even individuals. The areas are thus diverse and offer many advantages such as good remuneration, flexibility etc.


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