IT supervision, a key activity of digital transformation

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Digital transformation affects all sectors, private or public. It has become a first-rate competitive necessity for most industries. Described as the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation is now everywhere, since from now on everything is based on IT and its performance. Today, it determines the competitiveness of companies in terms of turnover and results. But also services delivered to customers, converging on the goal of embracing the future of the digital economy. To understand the springs of digital transformation, it is necessary to look at a profession often unknown to the general public. A profession that is essential for businesses and communities: IT supervision.

Interview with Julien Mathis, Centreon Europe, at the heart of digital transformation

Centreon was born in 2005 from a project initiated in 2003 at Epitech by the company’s two co-founders, Julien Mathis and Romain Le Merlus. An independent software publisher, Centreon provides open and flexible solutions dedicated to IT oversight of traditional, hybrid and cloud infrastructure, systems and networks. Its enterprise solutions Centreon EMS and Centreon IMP are based on the Open Source Centreon supervision base.

“In the context of digital transformation, companies and public organisations are engaged in cost-cutting policies and/or a process of improving services. IT supervision therefore becomes essential to support the digital transformation of these organizations. IT services play a strategic role in organizations of all sizes. However, if an outage occurs, in addition to the associated costs, it is the very image of the company, service or organization that may be affected. Centreon’s mission is to provide IT professionals with the tools to quickly and efficiently make strategic decisions in line with the objectives of the company or public organization. »says Julien Mathis, co-founder and CEO Europe of Centreon.

In general, it is no coincidence that public organizations, large and small, are refocusing their investments and resources on deploying centralized, automated and shared IT oversight solutions. These new solutions offer many advantages, not insignificant. In a context of organizational and digital transformation, users’ access to digital services in the state is being simplified. Similarly, communication with trades is more fluid.

IT supervision has become an essential tool to ensure IT performance. It also ensures the objectives of services, mutualisation and rationalization induced by the transformation of the state.



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