Related internships: a solution for apprentices in partial ership

Apprentices in partial employment can complete related internships, regardless of their industry. The current period is difficult for many industries, and for all employees concerned. Hotel and restaurant, culture, tourism and small businesses are thus the most affected by the economic consequences of confinement. Apprentices are also affected by this situation, through partial start-up. In order to support them in this period, Trades and Qualifications Campuses are developing. A useful solution to continue to develop the learning and skills of tomorrow’s employees.

Related internships, training differently

On February 4, 2021, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Insertion introduced this concept. With the publication of a technical sheet, it set up the educational reinforcement system for apprentices in partial activity. This concerned only apprentices in the Cafés and Restoration sector. With this device, they can access internships in related companies. A great first, which seems to meet a great success from its launch.

It is for this reason that, from 19 March, this scheme has been extended to all sectors of activity. Because the partial activity affects a large number of employees and apprentices, regardless of their occupation. These related internships are then an opportunity to continue to train while waiting to return to a normal rhythm.

Intern apprenticeship job
Apprentices are trained on dedicated campuses.

The conditions for passing the final examination also adapt to the new context. The organizations that implement it lower the thresholds for hours of practical training to a minimum to be taken for the exam. This allows host companies to be able to accommodate trainees without impacting their normal operations. Thus, the training process takes into account the period of practical training carried out on the technical trays in CFA… In addition to the related business internship period. It is a good balance to gain solid knowledge by adapting to the context.

On French territory, these trainings and related internships are supervised by the Campuses des Métiers et des Qualifications. Centres that take into account many factors to adapt all training to the best of business needs and economic issues. The pandemic contributes to the development of these structures, serving apprentices.

Campus of Excellence, a springboard for related internships

The Trades Campuses are widely supported by the Government. For example, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports; Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Relaunch; Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labour, Employment and Insertion; and Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation announced labeling new campuses. 21 new campuses, 11 of which are recognized for excellence. In total, in France, there are 40 campuses of excellence serving apprentices.

These campuses have several objectives. They work to help the renewal of the career path and the integration of young people into their profession. This label also unites the various economic and educational players. It is easier to build partnerships with research teams to provide concrete answers to training issues. These campuses help to prepare the future of these sectors, including the issues of ecological and digital transition. These are essential points of the French economy, whose implementation becomes indispensable.

Cooking apprenticeship
Related internships help to strengthen one’s skills.

Thus, each campus is developed by its region, by the economic actors of one of the sectors of this territory… But also by the academic regions. This support builds each program on a solid foundation, so that apprentices who do related internships can do so under optimal conditions. Moreover, with the explosion of certain sectors of activity, the newly opened campuses take into account changes in the labour market. Thus, for example, apprentices from the Greater East region carry out a related internship in the Campus “Autonomy and Inclusion” for the service to the person… In the Ile de France, the Campus “Trades of Security” allows to learn the trades related to logistics.

Changes for apprentices

Apprentices who want to do a related internship have access to new workspaces. They can learn in Lab, incubators, technical trays totally innovative. They also have the opportunity to benefit from educational resources adapted to their profile. With all these resources, they can train in the best possible conditions, and have a solid background at the end of their related internships. These opportunities also allow them to become part of the change, towards future issues. Campuses help to address current issues such as the decarbonisation of industry, the development of employment… But also to take part in the competitiveness of companies… And energize the integration of young people into a pool of jobs or a region.


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  2. Health rules in training organizations and CFA CCCA BTP
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