The Internet, an online life more present than ever

The use of the Internet is part of the daily life of the majority of French people, especially with the pandemic that has further reinforced its importance. Today, almost all daily tasks can be done online. This allows more flexibility in terms of schedules, unlike making appointments in institutions that are very supervised during the week. Constraints not always compatible with the pace of life of employees and families. The Internet is taking an increasingly significant part in users’ reflexes.

Internet, this tool that occupies a third of the lives of the French

A recent study by NordVPN reveals that the French spend more than a third of their lives on the Internet. A use shared between several activities, which are shared in particular between private and professional life. A sharing that is accentuated even more with the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the use of teleworking to the detriment of on-site activity… And that tends to last over time.

Indeed, the French devote 27 years, 7 months and 6 days to the use of the Internet during their lives. A use that begins on average around 9:26 am and ends around 9:23 pm. In an environment where everything is now done online, the place of the Internet is an integral part of the life of the French.

In a so-called “normal” week, users spend more than 56 hours in front of a screen. If about 20 hours are devoted to work, the remaining 36 hours are for various activities. Most of this time is dedicated to social networks, with about 6h39 of the time. Keeping in touch with loved ones, or communicating with one’s community during lockdowns was possible with the Internet. Streaming shows or movies on platforms like Netflix,Amazon Prime Video is also a popular pastime for households. The latter spend an average of 6h18 per week, given the diversity and ease of access of the catalogues.

Other video media such as Youtube also please, for music and diversified video and occupy about 4h40 of the weekly time. Music platforms like Spotify or Deezer also work very well, with about 3h30. This is an activity that can be done in parallel with another activity. 2h48 are intended for Internet searches of all kinds. Finally, only 2h26 is devoted to administrative tasks, especially with regard to banking services.

World internet connection
With the Internet, users connect to the world in seconds.

Personal enrichment at a time of personal data protection

The protection of personal data is an issue at the heart of the concerns of many people… However, they are very unconspectful about the security and sharing of their information online. Especially since with the pandemic, online connections are much more numerous… This also has the effect of attracting ill-intentioned people, such as cybercriminals.

34.5% of French people are unable to do without the Internet, and this dependence has the consequence of paying less attention to personal data. This more sensitive data stays online for a long time. During a purchase, or the creation of an online account, the data transits, is stored. A common gesture, which has become almost innocuous, that many users do not even realize anymore.

Also, the most disclosed data is the date of birth for 67% of users. Information requested for many online actions when it is necessary to create an account. Innocuous gestures, especially within marketing scope, which are still personal data. First and last names are also among the most commonly given information on the Internet, in 63.7% of cases. Just as much as the postal address, in particular claimed for e-commerce with sending the order to home. Finally, relationship status, tastes or bank details are also among the most added elements on the internet.

With the era of social networks and sharing one’s life online, as well as with the increase in time spent online… Companies record a lot of data, and need to secure all information as much as possible. An obligation with the GDPR, but also with increasingly secure sites to block all possible leaks.


The French dedicate 27 years, 7 months and 6 days of their lives on the Internet. NordVPN study of August 11, 2021

Life time spent online NordVPN

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