Infographic: Restoration, between innovation and return to basics

The restaurant industry, an innovative sector, but also plagued in recent months. One of the pillars
of french reputation looks grey. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, restaurants cannot
operate under normal conditions. COVID-19 and the two containments of 2020 have something to do with it…

However, catering is adapting with new services. A reputation around the world that is no longer to be proven… The restaurant industry is booming, and wants to go back to the roots,with more natural products. Between local consumption and tourist attraction, New Aquitaine restaurants have a menu to play. Through commitments and transition solutions to the current crisis, they are reinventing facets of their business.

france catering market figures covid-19 infographic
Infographic – The restaurant sector in France at the time of COVID-19.

A new way of consuming, the challenge of catering

For some time now, the emphasis has been on responsible consumption. Customers are looking for healthier, healthier dishes… But they mostly want to eat dishes cooked with local products. Restaurants such as Le Quatrième Mur and “LA” Chef Philippe ETCHEBEST’s Guest Table are working with local producers to offer seasonal products to their menu,
Natural. A way to constantly evolve their menu, while offering dishes that highlight the product.

Thus, Bordeaux is a metropolis known for the quality of its restaurants, with varied styles to adapt to the tastes of each. It alone has more than 1,657 restaurants, one for every 285 inhabitants. In 2019, Bordeaux was the third most popular restaurant-eating city in France. It is behind Paris and Lyon, which have more Michelin-starred restaurants.

However, the capital of Girona does not have to blush, having occupied the top of the rankings for 3
Consecutive. But with COVID-19, all French catering is affected. At the first containment, already, between March and June 2020, all had to close their doors. While some have pursued a semblance of activity, with takeaways or delivery,many have kept their doors closed pending the resumption. An unprecedented, economically difficult situation.

The aid proposed by the Government is insufficient to help safeguard the
jobs and businesses. Aid capped at 10,000 euros up to 60% of turnover
for restaurants and bars.

modern light dining room
Between the clarity and the dark year, the restaurant industry suffers.

The rise of new activities for the restaurant sector

The restoration adapts not only to the needs of customers, but also to the issues related to COVID-19 to continue the work. In this environment, meal delivery and takeaway are a market to conquer without delay. Signs specializing in the delivery of meals at home or in the workplace such as

Deliveroo or Uber Eats support restaurateurs. Already, since 2018, according to LSA,
consumers are showing interest in home delivery. With the current pandemic,
this data can only increase further. As a result, many establishments adopt Click and Collect, and delivery, allowing them to pursue a semblance of activity. According to the latest information from the Government, returning to the restaurant is not planned for any
right away…

To support them, some merchants such as bakeries, for example, offer to sell the dishes of neighbouring restaurateurs in their shop window. All without commission, in order to allow the restoration to continue its activity. A great outpouring of solidarity, supported in particular by the Ange bakery network.

After the pandemic, how will the restoration evolve?
The impacts on this sector, which is a mainstay of the French economy(like industry)will undoubtedly be numerous. As Philippe ETCHEBEST confirms,the weight that is holding back the profession is particularly related to all fixed costs, sometimes very expensive. Rent, wages are incompressible expenses, expenses to be paid even without activity. The sector had already adapted well to the new sanitary measures, with a greatly reduced filling rate… But also a dematerialization of the cards and a constant cleaning of the establishments. A future momentum for
the creation of “ghost restaurants”?


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