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Influencers: Tourism Nouvelle-Aquitaine moves to influencer marketing

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Influencers are arguing a growing impact on Internet users and are now appealing to entities unaccustomed to using social networks and influencer marketing in their strategies, such as institutions, regions and ministries. Already common with brands, influencers benefit from unlimited opportunities. Especially since more and more of them are expressing themselves on societal issues, rather than only displaying products. A reality that testifies to the importance for their communities to maintain a close relationship with them, around common values. Moreover, with the health crisis, the engagement of influencer content has continued to grow (1). So much so that as part of the 2021 action plan and the revival campaign of Atout France #ExploreFrance, the Regional Tourism Committee of Nouvelle-Aquitaine launched this summer a vast influence campaign to increase the notoriety of the destinations of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (2).

Influencer marketing has become essential

Often decried at the beginning of the trend, used especially by brands to advertise their products, influencer marketing has now earned its place in communication strategies. Especially since, as long as the choice of influencers is consistent with the message, the results are often very satisfactory. Thus, the average engagement rate of influencers reaches double the content of brands on Instagram, the leading platform for influencer marketing, or 5.7%.

As a result, the return on investment (ROI) is also affected. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, an average of one dollar invested earns 18 (3). Even in the lowest spinoffs, the ROI is $5.20. No wonder when you consider that 8 out of 10 consumers have already bought following an influencer recommendation (4).

In front of the performance of influencer marketing, between 2018 and 2019, the number of %. Instagram posts sponsored by influencers has increased by 210%. Business Insider even estimates that by 2022, brands will have spent more than $15 billion on influencer marketing (2).

This evolution goes hand in hand with that of the objectives sought through collaborations with influencers. A few years ago, the main objective remained the visibility of the brand. Now, companies and institutions have taken the measure of the power of influencer marketing. So much so that since 2020, 73% of marketers are primarily targeting the acquisition of new customers with their influencer campaigns. Then come the increase in visibility (64%), the generation of conversions (45%). Then, customer retention (28%), improvement of the customer experience (23%), differentiation with the competition (18%). Or even the improvement of customer feedback (15%).

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Influencers discover the treasures of Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Tourism is one of the most fond areas of activity of influencer marketing, after fashion. For good reason, influencers use platforms and social networks that value the image above all. In order: Instagram, Facebook, blogs, Youtube… And the landscapes and tourist sites turn out to be highly instagrammable.

It is with this in mind that the CRT Nouvelle-Aquitaine has set up an influence campaign, at the heart of its territorial marketing strategy. The goal: to reach travelers from France, but also from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA. By partnering with travel and tourism influencers, the institution seeks to capitalize on the reputation of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The opportunity also to obtain photo and video content for his upcoming communications. On the program, the discovery of destinations other than Bordeaux and the Atlantic coast, for the benefit of departments and unknown heritage such as Corrèze, Creuse, Vienne, Dordogne, Landes … Territories with growing tourist attractiveness for tourists

To carry out its influence campaign in France, the CRT NA called on influencers and bloggers such as Bruno Maltor, 1st travel influencer from France and winner of the Travel d’or 2021, equivalent to the “Oscars” of tourism; Droners to promote holidays around slow tourism; as well as more local influencers like Camille in Bordeaux and Lugdivine Borello.

For the other targeted countries, the CRT NA surrounds itself with Dutch bloggers Hannah & Nick from the salt in our Hair blog; German with photographer Uwa Scholz; Spanish with the four influencers Jenniferora, Saul Craviotto, Fatimacanto and Juanma_furio; as well as the American Jennifer Dombrowski of the blog Luxe Adventure Traveler who accumulates 160k unique visitors each month.

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Influencers adopted even by institutions and policies

As a medium with a strong reach, social networks are also exploited by institutions. NGOs, political parties, governments… On the other hand, the influencer marketing approach within these audiences is more recent. As in the time of De Gaulle, who had been debated with his first use of television, not all political analysts are very gentle with influence campaigns. However, institutions would be wrong to deprive themselves of it given the impressive commitment that influencers are likely to generate, as well as the related media coverage.

Lately, it is the collaboration of President Emmanuel Macron with Youtubers McFly & Carlito that has made the headlines. Originally mobilized to make a video for barrier gestures, Youtubers were then entitled to new videos with the president, rich in twists and turns. On the program, all the keys to the success of an influence campaign. The storytelling, the well-placed punchlines and the humor, the tone and the speech very out of step with traditional politics…

In France, Emmanuel Macron’s first term is clearly a pioneer in this area. For good reason, the President is neither the only nor the first to use the assets of influencers. Ministers also played the game of informal exchanges. As well as Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, on the occasion of his monthly program “Sans Filtre”. Which debriefs the Council of Ministers live on Twitch and Youtube, with the help of influencers.

Internationally, influencer marketing is also finding its place. In the United States, this already dates back to 2008 with the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. More recently, approaches have evolved. Political institutions talk less about politics. They focus more on societal issues and the personalities of stakeholders to reduce the gap.

This is what the Government of Quebec has sought to do (5). Thus, to fight against cyberbullying (school bullying, homophobia, sexism, racism…), the Ministère de la Famille asked 7 Quebec lifestyle influencers to raise awareness among 12-24 year olds about the devastating effects and real consequences of cyberbullying. The #ChaquePersonneCompte campaign generated thousands of positive reactions and allowed the harassed youth to find a listening ear.


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