Meat industry, a sector that is trying to raise its head despite obstacles

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The meat industry has been going through various crises for several years. In 2013, she faced the scandal of horse meat in lasagna. This episode had severely called into question the confidence of consumersin the sector. Indeed, there was deception when the Spanghero group tried to pass off horse meat as beef. By following, it is also added a collective awareness about the impact of meat consumption on the environment. All this is also accompanied by taking into account the animal cause.

In short, the meat industry has not always been on its plate. If today the mentality of consumers changes, the meat industry must adapt and find solutions to revalue the entire chain. On the meat cutting side, the EVS group blames the blow of a difficult recruitment. However, it does not lose hope and tries by all means to attract workers. And for good reason, an entry bonus accompanies the signing of a permanent contract…

The meat industry faces new challenges

The world’s population continues to grow… Indeed, according to the United Nations, in 1990 there were about 5.3 billion people on the planet. In 2017, they estimate the population at 7.3 billion people. The figures speak for themselves. Thus, it is possible to make projections taking into account life expectancy, which has increased significantly, but also the mortality rate or fertility rate. As a result, the United Nations estimates that the planet will be populated by 11.2 billion people in 2100. It is true that you have to project yourself… However, it is important to understand how the world’s population will evolve in order to understand what the next steps will be and the issues to be taken into account, especially to feed all these people when unbridled growth is evoked.

The meat industry is then called into question in the face of this observation. Indeed, it is at the heart of the criticisms. If meat is criticized it is in particular because of the rise of environmental but also animal concerns. In addition, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, livestock accounted for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2016..

In addition, it indicates that a reduction in GHGs is possible provided that production and consumption are reduced or that food is revalued within livestock farms. In this sense, substitutes for meat are appearing in order to meet a new demand. It is then possible to find vegetable meats or synthetic meats grown in the laboratory. According to Statista, the vegetable meat market generated €11 billion in 2019. More specifically, this represents an %. annual growth of 18%. In addition, in large cities such as Bordeaux, more and more vegetarian restaurants are setting up shop. For example, the Garden Kitchen offers an all-plant cuisine.

In other words, these changes raise questions for the meat industry and all its professions. For example, some sectors, such as meat cutting, are struggling to recruit. The EVS group is now making the observation and is trying to boost employment at all costs.

Industry Meat vegetarian steaks
Vegetarian steaks replace meat

Recruitment encouraged by entry bonuses, the EVS Group’s solution

Faced with the shortage of profiles to integrate its meat cutting teams, the EVS group innovates. The EVS Group is the French leader in the provision of services in the meat industry. For 30 years, he has been able to make a place for himself thanks to his expertise and the strength of his employees who bring agility, know-how and quality. He controls the entire product development chain in order to offer productivity, flexibility, reliability and food safety. If the group already offered attractive remunerations in order to motivate people to apply in the meat industry, today it offers an entry bonus to each contract on a permanent contract. This entry bonus of 500 € gross is offered since June.

This action also aims to continue the development of the group in a context where meat consumption is no longer essential. Moreover, this is not the only action under way. The EVS Group has notably set up a partnership with Pôle emploi, a sponsorship challenge and Job Dating.

Therefore, times are hard for the meat industry. Having already suffered scandals, it is being undermined by new food needs. Players like EVS Groupe then attempted a seduction operation to encourage people to work in this industry in full transformation.


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