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ID and AL Group aims to obtain the first Bordeaux frugal building label in the city of Bordeaux. The real estate developer, ID and AL integrates all real estate businesses by offering tailored services to its clients. Its offer is aimed at individuals as well as institutionals through communities. Recently, the group announced a project that is part of the ecological ambition of the city led by its mayor Pierre Hurmic. Indeed, the latter wants to green urban projects with the establishment of the label, a frugal building in Bordeaux. The latter aims to set up an offer of buildings that respond to the climate and societal challenges of the future. Thus, the new construction of the ID and AL group is a low-carbon, vegetated and domestic construction. Taking into account the new challenges of the city, the project is therefore part of a process of building better

The building respectful of ID and AL Group integrates into the urban landscape

In Bordeaux, the year 2021 is marked by the climate emergency. Indeed, the ecologistmayor, Pierre Hurmic, places the environmental dimension at the heart of his wishes for the city. Thus, he decided to start a movement to build better within the Bordeaux metropolis. The goal is not to slow down construction. Indeed, it is necessary to ensure an offer of housing in a very attractive city. The need to reconcile demand and environment.

For this, the proposed solution is that of a more respectful construction that takes into account the challenges of tomorrow. The principle of construction within the metropolis therefore takes into account the environment. It also integrates the climate issue and societal issues. This will comes to life in the establishment of a label called Bordeaux frugal building. In thissense, ID and AL proposes a new project that is part of this respectful population growth. The goal is to re-oxygenate the city.

The Bordeaux-Piéchaud project therefore combines all the elements to meet the objectives set by the city’s label. In addition, the ID and AL Group has worked closely with the municipality. Together, they have planned to build a lot of 10 innovative housing units in the autumn of 2021. Thus, the building incorporates apartments ranging from T2 to T4.

The construction of the latter respects the biodiversity,the quality of life of the Bordeaux metropolis as well as respect for the environment. To do this, ID and AL focuses on vegetation. The building will have to integrate into the Bordeaux landscape of tomorrow. Materials used such as locally sourced wood and the absence of basements reduce construction times, noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. From an energypoint of view, the building wants to be as neutral as possible. Indeed, it will be equipped with solar panels. To meet the maintenance of biodiversity even in the city, bird nest boxes and insect hotels will complement the facilities.

Bordeaux works tirelessly to develop the quality of life within it. For this, it stated in its draft mandate 2014-2020, the preservation of 50% of the territory’snatural and agricultural areas, the promotion of alternative mobility,the development of public buildings with positive energy or the protection of the water resource… Over the years, the metropolis gradually became anchored in this ambition with projects such as that of ID and AL.

ID and AL group and its respectful housing
The city of Bordeaux is committed to the environmental issue

A concept suitable for all ages

Bordeaux Métropole comprises 28 municipalities on both sides of the Garonne. According to the latest figures, the city has 749,595 inhabitants around its central city. For example, the ID-AL group building also aims to meet the needs of all age groups of the Bordeaux population. Students, families and retirees will be able to live together in a building that offers services tailored to everyone.

Indeed, the building includes the design of 4 modular housing units that aim to make part of the space independent. The modular apartments should allow the creation of a studio where young people can benefit from autonomous access to a bathroom, a sanitary room as well as a dedicated space. For seniors,housing adaptation is also a societal issue in order to be able to keep them in their homes for as long as possible. To meet this need, ID and AL has designed a senior pack. On demand it allows the elderly to benefit from a suitable ground floor accommodation with dedicated facilities.

Thus, ID and AL enters the respectful development of the city of Bordeaux. Alongside local governments, it sets out for a better way of building in a city that pioneers sustainable development. Proof that reconciling urban development with the environment is possible.


“ID and AL group focuses on low carbon and aims for the first labeling Bordeaux frugal building” ID and AL Group, press release of February 24, 2021


28 communes”Bordeaux Metropole

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