I-wantit, no more hassle to find Christmas gifts

The i-wantit app will allow many people to avoid awkward situations when opening Christmas gifts. It must be said every year, embarrassed smiles can be exchanged when a distant uncle offers a gift that we already have. But to avoid this there is an application, it isi-wantit. The application is based on a mix between the social network and the wish list. Created in 2014, it has established itself to become the first social wishlist service. Thus, users can make a list of their desires and share it with their loved ones for example. In parallel, once the articles are added to the application,they become visible to all other users. The network is therefore also a source of inspiration. In this sense, for merchants there are also opportunities to increase their sales and better know their target.

A solution to optimize online consumption and develop merchant sales

The startup i-wantit proudly announces the launch of its new offer dedicated to professionals. Indeed, it is launching a B2B offer in order to become the universal and social wishlist of e-merchants. It must be said that the e-commerce now plays an important role in purchasing practices. In addition, this dimension has been reinforced by the action of the health crisis which has postponed purchases mainly online following the closure of shops. If today the shops have been able to open their doors again, the trends noticed during the crisis are settling like habits. Indeed, according to the BCGstudy, the growth of online sales does not stop. Indeed since the lifting of the confinement it is even stronger with an increase of 27% against 22% during the confinement.

However, consumers still want to have a social shopping experience that is based on recommendations. In this sense, i-wantit takes in hand this social dimension in online shopping. The startup therefore offers a solution that allows them to add a social dimension to their online business. This solution might not have seen the light of day without the partnership with the e-commerce giant Cdiscount.

Indeed, as part of the Lab By Cdiscount, i-wantit was able to develop a community wishlist system that integrates with the Cdiscountecosystem. More concretely, this solution makes it possible to give consumers access to their wishlist and the community’s wishlist. On the merchants’side, the objective is to collect information to develop their sale by knowing their consumers better.

Christmas gifts i-wantit wish list
This year no disappointments under the tree with i-wantit

The success story of i-wantit, creator of desires

The startup was born in 2014 under the impetus of two Marseille entrepreneurs, Fabrice Blisson and Pierre Monville. They started from the fact that one in two French people has already received an unnecessary gift at Christmas. They therefore wanted to set up a simple solution to communicate his desires to his entourage or his community. If the application was born in Marseille, today it is used throughout France. For example, it is possible to add products from Bordeaux shops in your wishlist. Thanks to its concept, the application now has 300,000 users.

To achieve this goal, i-wantit has called on several fundraisers.

The first of 450,000 euros in 2016 allowed the startup to engage with brands such as FNAC, Decathlon or Clarins. The second fundraising in 2018 of 1 million euros alongside Banque Populaire in particular made it possible to deepen the platform and improve navigation. Finally, in 2021, i-wantit is opening a third fundraising that aims to internalize technological development, invest in management and artificial intelligence or develop internationally.


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