How to better organize your digital files at work?

The digitization of digital documents and files is still relevant. If this is more convenient to avoid large volumes of documents to be kept and to facilitate the management of archives, it is still necessary to know how to organize documents and files well to find your way around and to avoid slowing down your computer.

Favor PDF files

Know that knowing how to organize your documents is a step towards the ecological transition. To better organize your documents, prefer PDF documents. Not only does this allow you to keep the shape and style of your documents, but in addition, this kind of file will be lighter compared to other types of formats. And all you need is a simple software to convert files to pdf.

There is a solution to convert PDF documents so that you can reuse them later or modify them. Indeed, the disadvantage of this format is that it does not allow you to modify folders. For this, you need to transform them again via free online software.

Use multiple folders

To find your way around easily, use several folders that you will rename according to the genre or branch, or even the dates of creation of the documents in question. For example, put the accounting records in the same folder. Do the same for HR documents. Then you can always use subfolders for better organization of the space.

This technique is used by many professionals so as not to get lost and not to mix the archives. It can be particularly useful in the event of an audit or for the preparation of certain meetings, or even for the various administrative procedures of your company.

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Why file your documents in your computer’s D: disk? In addition, we advise you to store your archives and folders only in the local disk D: of your computer. This will prevent your stored data from impacting the performance and speed of operation of your device. In addition, this storage space will be more secure. If you need to restore your PC’s system, your folders won’t be affected.

In the RAM of your device, you will enjoy more space. Not to mention that it saves you from overloading your office with different documents at the risk of getting lost. Your device will be more pleasant if you avoid overloading it with different documents.

Take advantage of the Cloud

You can also file your documents in the cloud. Online storage spaces are not only secure, but also ultra-convenient. By leaving your archives there, you could access them from anywhere and via any connected device as long as you have the access codes. This makes it easier for you to use your records.

The cloud can be free. There are several software available for online storage of your documents. This kind of virtual space protects your documents from losses or viruses that can attack files on a computer, which is safer. In addition, by storing your files online, you can free up space on your computer’s RAM. Enough to help it maintain its level of performance and speed.

For large and small businesses, cloud storage can also be a practical advantage. This makes it easier to share documents and information. This will also avoid communication problems between members of your team and thus improve its functioning.

As a reminder, virtual storage spaces can be adapted to any type of file: pdf, Word, image or even video, etc. These are excellent alternatives for your administrative documents as well as for commercial documents or prospecting and marketing flyers.

Sort your documents regularly

According to the law, a company is only obliged to keep its archives for 5 years. This is the case for balance sheets, accounting books as well as its various administrative and legal documents. Beyond these five when, a triage of your documents is necessary. You can even delete certain documents that no longer serve you and that do not count as accounting and administrative archives.

Sort through your folders from time to time, no matter what type of storage you choose. This will free up space for other documents to keep and prevent your archives from becoming chaotic.

To make up for the various unforeseen events, you can simply delete the archives from your computer and keep the versions you have kept online for some time. Some cloud platforms offer automatic triage of your files based on their indexing date. That is, software can automatically erase older folders, which can save you time.

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