Housing and real estate at the heart of New Aquitaine’s concerns

In 2020, wanting to stay in the center of Bordeaux is above all to have a certain budget in your pocket. Indeed, although the COVID-19 crisis has passed through and continues to impact the economy, Bordeaux real estate remains high. To afford an apartment in the city center it takes an average of 4856 € / m². While it remains high, the real estate sector has remained resilient during the crisis. Within the city, postmen invite buyers. These factors include accessibility as well as urban projects. In addition, as a result of the pandemic, a new trend has emerged.

Indeed, buyers, especially Parisians, are looking to come and settle in Bordeaux to enjoy a home with an exterior. This criterion has become very important and is reinforced by the current context. Thus, the number of square meters is behind this requirement. It must be said that the price in the city center encourages to reduce the spaces sought. In this sense, buyers also favor a better neighborhood at the expense of square meters.

After the lockdowns, the market has not said its last word. Overall, the crisis has postponed in time the projects of sale or purchase of real estate. However, after the two periods of confinement the activity has started again. On the territory, real estate has seen its value increase by 5.4% in six months.

Break-up of single-parent families, extremely high house prices, constant housing deficit… In aquitaine metropolises, housing is becoming more and more complex for both tenants and future landlords. To counter these bad indicators, alternative solutions are then developed in order to offer the population decent housing and good value for money.

The city of Bordeaux attracts despite high real estate

New Aquitaine real estate startups

New Aquitaine is a source of technological and participatory innovations, and startups are growing rapidly. On the theme of housing and real estate,nuggets have emerged in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and in the Bordeaux metropolis.

The first, Sitigeo, is a real estate financing brokerage company for individuals. The company has a network of 6 agencies (Bordeaux, Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Rennes, Basque Country). The listings are geo-located so that the buyer can locate the property and the amenities of use in the vicinity;

Then OpinionSystem is an independent survey institute specialized in the collection and control of customer reviews for service and real estate professionals. Created in 2010, the company benefits from a triple AFNOR certification (French Association for Standardization). In 9 years of existence, more than 4,000 professionals have called on OpinionSystem. Thecompany is the number 1 French customer review for real estate (MeilleursAgents, Paru Vendu, Fnaim.fr, Ouest-France…);

WhereYouLove is a virtual assistant facilitating the search for housing. It is therefore a time saver for those who are looking for housing and who have no time to lose;

Supporting the promoters of real estate projects for housing

Archidvisor supports real estate project leaders in the search for an architect adapted to your needs. Whether for renovation, extension or construction, the start-up fights against uniformity and for creativity and accessibility;

Oxioneo is a web platform providing a tool to quickly obtain the right market price for the sale or purchase of a property. Supply and demand meet in real time in a transparent and secure space

Mon aide immobilière is a site of real estate ads 100% between individuals. The company’s mission is to provide tools for optimizing and securing sales while saving agency costs. This model has many advantages: there is no exclusivity, no advance fees, no fees if the property is not sold and no fees when the property is sold by a real estate agency.

Rhinov, the online success of a Bordeaux nugget

Created in 2013 by three partners, Xavier, Bastien and Jérôme, Rhinov accompanies those who wish to decorate their homes by designing a custom interior. Today the company has more than 43 employees (interior decorators, developers, spokespeople…) The project takes place in three stages:

  • Receiving the project and analyzing the budget by following clients’ plans, photos and expectations;
  • Creating the interior in 3D through the client’s plan and photos;
  • The selection of an interior decorator to decorate and decorate with style and practicality;
  • The project is optimized with interior decorations in 3D visuals and 360-degree panoramic design;
  • Sending the project by SMS and email.

The company, originally open for real estate agencies, expands its offer by offering its services to individuals. In 2018, more than 5,000 home improvement projects are expected to be more than 5,000 and double that is expected in 2019. Prices are advantageous for customers as they range between 99 and 139 euros depending on the size of the room. The advice of professional architects allow the development of the inhabitants at a low price. A victim of his success, Rhinov appeared in the show Capital presented by Julien Courbet, “a bigger house without moving, they push the walls and break the prices”.

The housing and real estate market in Bordeaux and New Aquitaine

The Bordeaux metropolis attracts more and more visitors and new inhabitants every year. The price of real estate has continued to rise over the last 10 years in the region. Indeed, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Average price per sq m for an apartment on June 1, 2019, 2,999 euros (4,414 euros in Bordeaux);
  • Average price per sq m for a house as of June 1, 2019, 2,105 euros, (4,052 euros in Bordeaux);
  • Evolution of the real estate price: + 0.3% in the last month, + 0.3% in the last 3 months, + 1.4% over the last year. + 5.1% in the last 2 years. + 7.5% in the last 5 years and + 20.1% over the last decade.

Rental housing is also becoming increasingly scarce and newcomers; such as students; may have difficulty finding accommodation. According to a report by UNIS Aquitaine (Union des Syndicats de l’Immobilier), the increase in seasonal furnished rentals of the AirBnb type significantly reduces the rental offer in the metropolis. By following the provisions to reduce the number of nights allowed to 120 days, the lessor remains beneficiaries. For example, a T2 of 48m2 rented on AirBnb at 70 euros a night will bring in 8,400 euros per year to the lessor compared to 7,300 euros per year for a conventional rental.

The Bordeaux real estate bubble is stabilizing but still remains financially high. Thus, an evolution hasu without newcomers or students wishing to find accommodation. However, alternative models are open to the public to facilitate access to rent or purchase a property. Nouvelle-Aquitaine therefore brings together many disruptive real estate startups in order to offer the best service and transparency in the costs incurred.








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