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Hotel and Restaurant Meetings, a B-to-B event in the hotel and restaurant sector, allows professionals in the sector to find new suppliers and suppliers. The aim is to give them inspiration in order to upgrade their establishments and thus differentiate themselves from the competition. The event therefore accompanies the sector to rebuild after several months of shutdown.

Innovating to satisfy a demanding clientele

In a delicate health context, the hotel and restaurant sector is one of the most impacted sectors. Indeed, the objective for this sector is therefore to enhance as much as possible hotels and restaurants, especially by highlighting the modern high-end that pleases so much. To do so, the sector has a strong interest in integrating new technologies into its premises, in order to optimally meet customer demand. Thus, the Hotel and Restaurant Meetings lounge allows hotel and restaurant professionals to meet suppliers, suppliers in order to meet their needs and create a competitive advantage for their establishments.

Competition is fierce, so hoteliers and restaurateurs are forced to stand out. Indeed, potential customers have at their disposal a wide choice of establishments, the offer being important. To make a decision, the client evaluates different criteria in order to make the right choice. The intervention of cutting-edge innovations therefore comes into play. For example, bienvu Solutions,which is present at the Hotel and Restaurant Meetings, offers hotels a virtual tour of their rooms (1). In fact, guests can immerse themselves and project themselves in hotels thanks to a 360-degree visit. A true innovation and decision-making factor, virtual visits are therefore used to counter competition.

Opera Place de la Comedy Bordeaux
The Intercontinental of Bordeaux faces the Opera House, a central location in Bordeaux.

Making a big deal of comfort and design

For guests of hotels and restaurants, the quality of service but also comfort and design are important criteria of satisfaction. Indeed, every detail counts and must be perfect for customer satisfaction to be optimal. Thus, elements such as decoration, room maintenance, quality bedding, service that lives up to the expectations of guests are an integral part of what the guest will remember from his stay but also what will bring him back. The Mama Shelter Hotel in the centre of Bordeaux is an example of this, with an artistic and modern design, shoving traditional designs (2).

However, the decorative aspect is not enough for customers. Indeed, they are also looking for unique and personalized experiences. Thus, cultural, intellectual and sporting activities… But also well-being and leisure are part of the expectations of guests during their stay. Indeed, more and more artists are investing in the walls of hotels. They then present exhibitions to clients. For example, artist Leopoldine Roux presents a bespoke exhibition at the famous InterContinental hotel in Bordeaux. This exhibition runs from October 15 to November 30, 2020 (3).

Art is linked to the hotel industry creating a cultural marriage and an artistic concept, to the delight of guests.


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