Helicopter H125, an order expected in Phoenix

The H125 helicopter is the pride of Airbus Helicopters’ business. This revolutionary device seduces many cities and countries around the world. An aircraft that is as well designed for aerial surveillance as it is for rapid interventions. This time, it was in the United States that Airbus conquered the sky. The city of Phoenix, Arizona, has ordered five new helicopters from Airbus. This order will make it possible to modernize the already existing fleet, with even more sophisticated and efficient aircraft. With this order, the company continues to expand its expertise worldwide.

Choosing the H125 helicopter for airborne interventions

The helicopter H125 does not have such success for no reason. If it is ordered by many countries, it is in particular for its performance and ease of handling. Indeed, it brings many benefits to the cities and countries that have it. For the city of Phoenix, the H125 helicopter is a suitable and ideal device for airborne surveillance. Indeed, this model makes it possible to protect the airspace, without disturbing the population.

But it also performs other functions that appeal to cities, such as its maneuverability in all situations. In a context of rapid intervention, the H125 helicopter is then able to rescue in remote locations. Arizona is a state that consists of many arid areas, canyons, which requires specific devices to intervene.

The composition of the aircraft makes it a helicopter adapted to sometimes extreme climates. Thus, it can withstand high temperatures during the day, in the middle of the desert, or at night, when it is much colder. This is due in particular to its double hydraulic circuit, its FADEC double channel; but also to its fuel system,capable of withstanding collisions. This is useful, especially when the H125 helicopter has to maneuver in a canyon, near the walls.

If it seduces so many countries and cities that invest to expand and modernize their helicopter fleet, it is because this model is unique. It offers performance and versatility to intervene in all situations. Maintaining a modern fleet with guidance tools on board, but also more speed and fluidity is an advantage. For Airbus, the bet is promising. The company therefore continues to produce and sell its devices.

Helicopter H125 Phoenix Arizona
The city of Phoenix has ordered 5 aircraft. Source: Airbus

A device that seduces all over the world

Airbus continues to take its place in the global market with its helicopters. Indeed, for more than 30 years, the company has been working closely with AMO (Air and Marine Operations) and supplying hundreds of H120 and H125 helicopters. These aircraft are then dispersed throughout the country, to enrich the fleets of each state.

This long-term relationship is such that Airbus Helicopters has opened an American branch, located in Columbus, mississippi. They build the devices for the American market, and contribute to local employment. The production teams are indeed composed of American workers, 40% of whom are veterans. This allows them to benefit from their experience, their expertise, while offering them another career in the same field. The country’s army and security are demanding such devices to continue protecting their fellow citizens.

But the relationship between Airbus Helicopters and the United States is even older. Indeed, for more than 50 years, the company has produced more than 700 devices for the United States. H125 helicopters, but also UH-72 Lakota, another type of four-bladed helicopter also built in Columbus. It is co-built by Airbus Helicopters and American Eurocopter (which is a subsidiary of Airbus).

For several years now, Airbus has distinguished itself on the international scene. Indeed, the company continues to see its order book fill up. As well present for commercial aviation, for military aviation, or even in the aerospace sector… The company continues to grow. Being equipped with state-of-the-art aircraft like the H125 helicopter is a plus, which attracts customers from all over the world. Rapid intervention, monitoring, assistance in the event of a serious incident… So many places to intervene for the H125.


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