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Shared habitat, the friendly alternative to the retirement home

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Shared housing is one of the challenges in terms of housing supply. In order to address the subject and democratize it, the National Meetings of Participatory Housing have been held since 2010. This event took place in Strasbourg, Grenoble, Lille, Marseille and Nantes. In particular, it has made it possible to structure a national movement and also the recognition of this type of habitat. The last edition took place in Lyon from 8 to 11 July 2021. This edition aimed to highlight the dynamics of development of participatory housing.

Indeed, this type of housing has made it possible to complete the housing supply in the face of the development of the population. On the other hand, it makes it possible to create a movement of solidarity and mutualization of goods. These homes make it possible to develop what is called the best living together. Thus, each year, the National Meetings of Participatory Housing make it possible to deepen and develop the debate around shared housing. They invite reflection on the uses and benefits of this way of life within society.

Shared habitat is in full development in France. For seniors, it presents itself as a hybrid model between life in the historic home and the retirement home. Thus, inclusive habitats join the approach to greater autonomy for the elderly,as well as those with disabilities. In January 2020, Pessac welcomes the opening of the first shared habitat Domani. A concept that has its source in the pioneering models of senior co-habitat in the Netherlands and Germany. Driven by a national ambition and supported locally by the department of Gironde, inclusive housing could well become a new standard for well-aging.

Piveteau-Wolfrom report, develop a new model of inclusive housing

Published in June 2020, the Piveteau-Wolfrom Report on Inclusive Habitat confirms the international trend of funds on the need for a new model for senior habitat. As a result, it estimates that as many as 140,000 new inclusive housing units will be needed by 2030.

To produce this report, Denis Piveteau, State Councillor, and Jacques Wolfrom, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Arcade Group, called on the various stakeholders. Departmental councils, associations, professionals in the medical-social, construction, housing and land use, as well as carrying out inclusive housing initiatives already in place in some territories have helped to draw up a list of actions to be taken.

Also, they identified twelve main obstacles to the development of thehabitat “Accompanied, Shared and Inserted into Local Life” (API). For each, the committee set out to make concrete proposals for action to address them. The ensemble seeks to allow “to live at home without being alone”. To this end, the report promotes the construction of ordinary housing units, grouped into small units, offering solidarity, services, security, and well-served location.

Among the planned actions are: the establishment of a territorial housing investment fund API; the increase in the PLA as in home housing; The use of shared housing to transform the medico-social offer; or the national impulse, especially through the National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy.

Gironde, the “100% inclusive territory” programme for shared housing

Beyond state ambitions, local institutions are weighing heavily in the implementation of shared housing solutions. In this regard, the Gironde department has distinguished itself with its “100% inclusive territory” programme since 2019. Which provides for a departmental access plan dedicated to inclusive housing.

shared habitat senior company domani
Gironde develops inclusive housing for well-aging and the renewal of senior service offerings.

It allows us to measure gironde’s actions to improve the quality of life for both seniors and people with disabilities. Together with the reference actors, such as the Departmental House of Disabled Persons (MDPH), the department is working to simplify and modernize access to suitable solutions. It also seeks to rethink the conditions under which public policies are built. Thus, the general approach is to smooth the routes and drive the transformation of the service offer.

The “100% inclusive territory” roadmap has different axes,including one onsocial housing. On the program,access to a chosen home. He then promised concrete actions to access a standard way of life in suitable housing; adapt the medico-social offer to everyday life; Discover different places to live safely and participate in the life of the city regardless of the way of life.

First inclusive habitat in Pessac with Domani

Spurred on by these institutional initiatives, shared housing offers in the territory are beginning to multiply. At the end of January 2021, Domani inaugurated its first habitat. Located in Pessac, it is only the first of a dozen projects underway in the Southwest.

For us, the inclusion of our elders in the heart of the city is fundamental. Indeed, this is what helps to maintain the social link by facilitating the visit of loved ones and by integrating into the network of local initiatives for the well-aging.

Oscar LUSTIN and Jean DE MIRAMON, founders of Domani

The Pessac residence is a model for inclusive housing. More than a lessor, Domani proposes a whole life project, relying on professionals of good age. Thus, Domani provides its residents with complementary services such as personal aids,geriatric doctors, nurses. But also relations with neighborhood associations or senior clubs.

senior couple habitat inclusive residence senior domani pessac
Domani, the shared habitat at the heart of local life for the autonomy of seniors.

Beyond the benefits even for residents, Domani wanted to choose a strategic location to facilitate the autonomy of seniors. The residence is located at the foot of the Station Pessac Alouette (tram B). By tram, seniors can easily get to the centre of Pessac and Bordeaux, as well as to local shops. By train, it only takes 40 minutes to reach the Arcachon Basin. Similarly, the Haut L Bishop and Arnozan hospitals are within reach.

Domani, a senior offer for well-aged

Domani, like other shared housing initiatives,opens up opportunities for seniors. Where traditional solutions consist of either staying at home despite a severe loss of autonomy, or being placed in a retirement home or EHPAD, these new senior offers allow them to return their places to seniors in society.

We want to create a small community that preserves the dignity of older people despite the loss of autonomy.


Moreover, these alternative forms, contrary to popular belief, do not concern an elite able to pay a high price for rent. In reality, the tariff is similar to conventional offers and fit into supported devices. For good reason, the concept of shared home allows to pool a very comprehensive home help, in addition to maintaining social life and combating isolation.

For example, at Domani, meals are prepared on site with fresh produce, in line with the health nutrition recommendations; help adapts to needs: housekeeping, laundry, help with getting up… and a night watch is guaranteed. A way to age at home serenely.


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