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The Grant Alexander Group is a consulting and HR services firm with the aim of coaching and supporting companies. Thus, in a context of health crisis that has impacted the business world, Grant Alexander launches a new activity. Indeed, it aims to accelerate organizational transformation through new tools and tailor-made support. In a context such as this, listening to its employees and adapting the organization is necessary.

Human resources are therefore essential to promote the well-being of employees and thus their productivity. Indeed, after several months of sometimes intensive teleworking, the return to face-to-face work can be difficult and it is important to listen to employees.

Grant Alexander, the HR services group accelerates the transformation of organizations

The Grant Alexander Group is a social actor and committed to the performance of organizations and leaders. With its 30 years of experience and its establishment in France, the consulting and HR services group supports companies by meeting development and management needs. It can intervene in all sectors of activity and also on all functions. Thus, it can concern as much managers, experts as rare profiles. The Grant Alexander Group specializes in HR services and has 4 activities. These 4 activities are Executive Search, Executive Interim, Leadership Development, HR and Organisation Transformation.

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Grant Alexander is therefore launching a new department to accelerate the process of transformation of businesses and organizations. Indeed, the department “Organizational Transformation & Human Resources”, is headed by Bruno Chaintron. Thus, in a particular context for companies, the group has therefore decided to implement this new activity in order to offer a collaborative approach as well as new digital tools. They will aim to develop roles, talents and transform the organization. To achieve this, the ‘Role Scanner’ tool has been set up. It allows you to scan the organization, analyze the so-called “hot spots”, listen to the voice of all actors such as employees, customers, partners, etc. Thus, the diagnosis is carried out in one month and this regardless of the size of the company. The diagnosis therefore makes it possible subsequently to adapt the actions to be implemented, the priorities, etc.

This tool is complemented by “Role Crafting” allowing the optimization but also the reinvention of roles. The analysis therefore makes it possible to create new scenarios and thus to meet the needs and desires of employees. This contributes in particular to their well-being in the company and therefore to their productivity.

Post Covid, the importance of human resources

After the year punctuated by the Covid-19 health crisis, companies find themselves strongly changed. Indeed, the introduction of widespread teleworking in a large number of sectors has changed the way employees work.

Thus, teleworking has had a strong impact on the vision of employees’ work. Indeed, many felt alone, unmotivated and this was therefore felt in their productivity. Nevertheless, gradually, teleworking has become a habit. Resuming all face-to-face work is difficult. Indeed, it made it possible in particular to save time by avoiding journeys and therefore allowed them to do other activities. The employer must therefore ask himself the question about the place of telework in the new working habits.

The importance for human resources will therefore be to re-establish a social dialogue such as the one before the crisis. Thus, listening to employees will be essential to leave in good conditions. In addition, the human factor is therefore more part of the company’s priorities in order to promote the well-being of employees. To keep its employees but also to attract new talent, companies have every interest in putting employees at the heart of the company’s overall strategy.


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