gOtaf, for voice-based recruitment

gOtaf is a job search platform like no other. Indeed, it is based on a sound experience. This simplifies the recruitment process for job seekers and employers. Available since May 1st, the app allows you to listen to job offers, post them and apply with just a few clicks. The gOtaf platform is therefore an innovative solution that is accessible to all.

gOtaf, the innovative and inclusive application

gOtaf is the first online audio recruitment platform. Founded by Jean-Muriel Azonhoume and François Allard,it has been available to all since May 1st. The aim is to offer a platform based 100% on the voice and thus simplify the job search. Indeed, often long and tedious, gOtaf makes the process clear and fast. Job seekers listen and apply with just a few clicks for job offers tailored to their location and skills. To do this, you simply have to record your CV in a voice note and send it directly to the employer. This is a free solution for candidates. On the employers’ side, gOtaf allows them to recruit in a different way. Employers post voice offers directly on the platform or on their recruitment platform. All you need to do is insert an audio plug-in on their platform.

gOtaf job sound recruitment
Jean-Muriel Azonhoume and François Allard, founders of gOtaf.

gOtaf also aims to address the shortage of candidates and unemployment. Indeed, the platform’s innovation is at the service of social progress. In France, more than 3.8 million people are unemployed and 350,000 offers are unfilled. That’s why gOtaf offers a large number of offers in the service, transport, hospitality, catering, construction and logistics sectors. The platform also hopes to reach a young target because they are heavily affected by unemployment during this health crisis. In addition, gOtaf wants to highlight the inclusive side of the platform and thus encourage companies to boost their CSR dimension.

The exchanges between candidates and recruiters are thus facilitated thanks to gOtaf and new features will soon complement the current offer. Indeed, the translation of jobs put online in several languages or the creation of a virtual assistant are complementary services to come.

Recruitment, habits changed by Covid

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the recruitment process has changed considerably. Indeed, in order to continue to recruit despite travel restrictions, confinement and telework,recruitment has grown remotely. As a result, job interviews are now done more in video conferencing than in physics. The recruitment process has therefore become somewhat dehumanized to make way for digital. The real-life meetings are therefore made during the final phase of recruitment. For example, during the last interview before the hiring or on the first day of the new employee. Thus, to respect the barrier gestures, companies set up outdoor job interviews. This avoids the risk of contamination if both parties wear their masks and are in the open air.

However, videoconferencing interviews are not the only consequences of the health crisis. Indeed, there was a sharp drop in recruitment during the year 2020. This is mainly due to the slowdown or the shutdown of business activity. As a result, companies could not afford to hire a new employee in view of their declining turnover. This is why the Government has set up several aid aids for businesses to counter this phenomenon. In fact, there are help for hiring young people, help for hiring a jobseeker, help for hiring a disabled worker, help for hiring in troubled areas, etc. As much aid as there is a situation to help the economy recover.


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