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Every company uses goodies during its lifetime. They promote them through gifts made to potential customers. Gifts of all kinds, such as traditional pin’s, pens or tote bag. But for some time now, goodies have also been used to show a brand’s commitment to eco-responsible operation. Products “to plant” or goodies in recycled products… All these elements promote a good brand image among consumers.

Reducing waste and pollution with eco-responsible goodies

This eco-responsible issue is therefore part of the strategy of companies from many industries. And communication is totally there. The goodies serve above all a brand for its promotion through objects that serve everyday. A pen with the brand logo that allows you to write on your notebook, a tote bag to carry your groceries or documents… And even an eco-cup style glass, which finds its place in a kitchen. For brands, the goal is to stand out from the rest… And to deliver a message that can echo the concerns of future customers. The issue of the environment and pollution is a key issue… Many companies develop their business around the creation of customizable, eco-responsible goodies.

Eco-responsible goodies take a step towards protecting the environment.

For example, the Ma Bottle brand has made a sad observation about the use of disposable bottles. Every year, the French consume 9.3 billion litres of bottled water. In total, 25 million bottles are discarded, a huge amount of plastic. This type of consumption is not safe for humans, who ingest plastics in small quantities when drinking bottled water. To reduce the environmental and health impact of drinking plastic bottled water, Ma Bouteille has created reusable insulated bottles. An ecological alternative, without health risks, and especially economic for households.

The added value of these insulated bottles is in customization. For brands, this allows to offer transportable visibility, and contribute to a greener future. An eco-responsible approach rather well seen.

Green approaches to the visibility of companies

Eco-responsible goodies have been on the rise for a few years now. They add value for the end customer’s use of the product. From now on, a company can offer its customers or partners goodies such as plants, seeds to plant… But also, more in the current era, advent calendars in the colors of the brand. Far from “traditional” products that are of no use to the customer, “new generation” goodies are gaining popularity. More than gadget products, brands invest in quality products for customers and employees. This allows you to both thank, reward, and be part of a healthier and more sustainable eco-responsible approach.

Other players have chosen to place themselves entirely in this momentum, with the rapid and important development of their offer. For example, The company Gifts For Change has just raised 1 million euros to continue to offer even more eco-responsible “green” goodies. Beyond a simple issue of visibility, the creation of such objects also allows to change mentalities by showing how important environmental protection is. Thus, companies have chosen to start distributing goodies… More qualitative products, distributed to people closer to the brand’s values. So that the eco-responsible momentum goes hand in hand with the company.


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