Gironde, the resumption of tourist activity after the fires

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The month of July leaves marks in the landscape of the Gironde. Indeed, the two fires that started on July 12 in Teste-de-Buch as well as in the south have taken with them 20,800 hectares of forest. The severity of the fires led to the evacuation of residents and holidaymakers. After, the dramatic passage of the fires comes the time of the observation and the resumption of the season. If the landscapes remain desolate, it is appropriate for the economic actors of the region to continue the summer season as well as possible. Today, most of the region’s tourist sites and Gironde accommodations welcome holidaymakers back safely. From now on, we must continue to show the Gironde in its best light even if it lacks part of its natural heritage.

The majority of the tourist offer in Gironde is again accessible

If the landscape is devastated, the tourist offer of the Gironde is almost entirely accessible. The only places still inaccessible are the ocean beaches between the Dune de Pilat and Biscarosse as well as the 5 campsites impacted in The Teste-de-Buch. These campsites represented 17% of the park in the Bassin d’Arcachon. On the Gironde the latter represented 5%. As a result, the tragedy of the fires is hurting the accommodation offer. Some parts of the forest are still limited in terms of access. The goal is to prevent the risk of accidents, especially because of falling trees. Access to the Vélodyssée and the networks of cycle paths is also restricted. However, if some roads are closed, it is possible to choose alternative routes.

From 25 July, tourist activities in the Gironde were able to resume except for those dependent on inaccessible areas. For example, the Dune du Pilat reopened on July 27. Being the most visited site in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region with 2 million visitors per year, a prolonged closure of the place has a considerable impact. Thus it is worth seeing the impact of the fires on the economy of the region.

Hotel Point France accommodation Arcachon
Hotel Point France continues to welcome visitors who wish to discover the Gironde. Photograph: Hotel Point France

The season generally suggests reassuring prospects

The impact of the fires on the tourist economy in Gironde is still partially measurable. The available figures show varying declines for accommodation and leisure activities. In the second half of July, the decline in activity could go up to 50% for bike rental companies, campsites or hotels. Indeed, the Hotel Point France testifies to this. Following the fires for the Hotel, it was a question of reassuring tourists who wanted to come. They should also be informed of the activities that were still available.

The summer season is a challenge for the entire activity of the hotel. It must be said that on the Bassin d’Arcachon bookings are up 7% in July. They are also up 11% in August and 16% in September. And every year the number of overnight stays increases. Thus, faced with the importance of this period in Gironde, there is no more time to lose to resume normal activity.

From August and thanks to communication actions encouraging tourists to return, professionals have already seen a revival of bookings for the month of August. It must also be said that it would be a shame not to come and enjoy the wonderful setting that the Hotel Point France by the sea can offer in Arcachon. The hotel has a direct view of the Bassin d’Arcachon and a central location. Thus, it is a perfect country haven to enjoy the tourist activities of the city and its surroundings.


“THE GIRONDE IS WAITING FOR YOU, THE GIRONDE IS WELCOMING YOU!” Gironde Tourisme, press release of 2 August 2022

To welcome each visitor individually whatever the season at the Dune du Pilat”

Hotel Point France

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