Corporate gift, new products to thank its teams

The corporate gift is undoubtedly the star of the holiday season in the workplace. To reward its employees for their good results, or the partners for their trust, the leaders offer gifts to please. In terms of products and choices, the possibilities are almost endless. It all depends on the budget allocated to corporate gifts, the number of employees and the type of product that the company wants to offer. Cultural, gastronomic or practical offers… There is something for everyone.

The corporate gift by the Maison Française, a good choice for the holidays

The end of the year is approaching, and companies are already preparing for the following year. However, in order to mark the end of the past year, the leaders organize events internally. Meals between employees, team building events… But also a distribution of corporate gifts in certain structures. In recent years, we have seen the deployment of offers in professional structures.

Companies such as the Maison Française then offer services adapted to this growing clientele. Indeed, the delicatessen has an offer dedicated to business leaders wishing to thank teams, partners and suppliers. No pre-made boxes, the French House only offers tailor-made. This makes it possible to adapt perfectly to each request, each budget, and create a unique corporate gift.

Thus, boxes of wine, delicatessen products such as foie gras, or chocolates and gingerbread meet a great success. They are essential products of the end of the year holidays, and are found on the festive tables. Offering gifts from local productions therefore makes it possible to delight employees, while contributing to the activity of local producers. A commitment that has become increasingly strong in recent months.

Christmas package corporate gift
Giving gifts highlights the good work of its employees.

Attention that motivates teams

Offering a corporate gift allows you to thank and congratulate your employees for the past year. Succeed in achieving the objectives set at the beginning of the year, signing important contracts, or good team cohesion… These are all factors that influence the atmosphere and activity of the company. Rewarding its employees, its employees allows them to show them the role they have played throughout the year.

This small mark of attention, through a corporate gift such as a personalized box, makes it possible to show recognition for collective efforts. With the pandemic, working methods have evolved, and the well-being of employees is becoming increasingly important. Also, recognition marks help employees stay motivated, and stay attached to their company.

The quality of life at work is increasingly important. An employee who does not flourish, for lack of recognition, will stay in the company for less time. For managers, offering corporate gifts to their teams allows them both to congratulate them for their results, but also to retain talent, by bringing them a mark of recognition.


Business gifts: The singular and exceptional boxes of the delicatessen La Maison Française. Press release of November 2021

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